Essential oils change emotional vibes

Essential oils have wonderful physical healing effects on the body. Did you know that virtually every chronic ailment has an emotional component, which the body holds in its subconscious? In fact, the emotional factors in such illnesses are often what keep the person sick! Even acute illnesses, such as cold and flu have an emotional aspect. You may get a cold or flu when you are stressed physically or mentally with too much to do … and then we worry about it! The illness is the body’s message to slow down, take a break, and take care of you!

Quality essential oils are an important consideration to help you change your emotional vibes.  Use oils together in a blend to work synergistically, addressing more than one aspect of a condition. Scents affect our emotions as they work at a subconscious level to modify emotional imbalances or change behavior. Research has shown that people surrounded with pleasant scents enjoy higher self-esteem.

Inhaling the oils is the fastest and most often preferred in balancing mood and emotions. An easy way to inhale the oils is to put a few drops on a tissue, a cotton ball, or just in the palms of the hands and inhale. Diffusion is a gentle way to administer essential oils, safe for children, the elderly, and pets. A diffuser will disperse the essential oils into a micro-mist that will stay suspended in the air, giving benefits long after the diffuser is off.

Your thoughts and beliefs are heavily influenced by your childhood experiences. Those experiences you had as a youngster have shaped what you think and say to yourself. So a depressing memory of breast cancer in the family, for example, can remain in your thoughts and you continue to live in fear. Or, perhaps you were not assertive, and you felt you were not good enough. Thoughts like these can lower immunity and increase the likelihood of inflammation and cell abnormalities throughout the body. Negative thoughts may even block treatment.

Changing an emotional pattern or vibe requires an understanding the issue and how it affects your life. Understanding why you are experiencing the problem, what you could experience instead, and what you need to do to change. Changing a pattern is like erasing a groove – the deeper it is imbedded, the longer time it will take to erase. For some emotions, you need only to bring them into your awareness to release them, while others are more deeply rooted emotions that require more time and attention.

Forgive yourself

You can start by forgiving yourself of all the things you thought you did wrong. Feel everything. Be honest about your feelings and speak out what you feel. Don’t hold back … do get it off your chest! When you learn to express your emotions fully by journaling and speaking out, you raise your vibration to a higher frequency. This reduces stress and has proven to be effective in boosting the immune system.

Many factors affect our immunity – toxins, stress, environmental conditions of all kinds, and our thoughts. By inhaling an essential oil blend, we can lift our vibration to a higher frequency, and we feel more peace, relaxation, joy, and love.