Transition is defined as a process to change from one state of being to another, usually for the highest good for everyone.  Stating as a fact all of life comes to me with ease, joy, and love makes it easy to accept setbacks and disappointments as the transition takes place.

Acceptance of delays in getting the new website completed was key in maintaining the ease, joy and love I wanted in my life. Trust was always present because I believed that the unknown would manifest to a beautiful, useful tool in the transition process.

Transition in life, business, and websites have several things in common including varying degrees of pain as the changeover is happening. Being present and aware helps that shift come with ease, joy and love.

Change is constant and real. Look for the rainbow at the completion of a thunderstorm and with any switch in life, business or website.  Check out our new website to order and receive Healthy Girls Breast Oil:

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