Create Infinite Possibilities to Nurture and Protect Your Breast Health                                                                                                                                                    

Are we so wrapped up in our thinking and activity that we loose touch with our senses?  Sensing brings us fully into the moment.  When we take an apple in our hand, our mouth starts to water, and we feel gratitude to have a ripe juicy apple to taste and enjoy.  When we hear a children playing or a baby crying, what are the feelings we have about that experience?  When we see beautiful sunset or the brilliant color of the leaves on the trees in Fall, do we give thanks for our eyesight and wish we could capture it forever in our mind?   When we smell a beautiful scent, as in a rose,  we want to wear it, and have it part of us.  

Only when we are aware and conscious can we receive the gifts of experience.  Awareness is a mind-set to change our past and everyday patterns of living and create new, meaningful  experiences where  we start to slow down and enjoy each moment.     

 Just imagine, What if we could create infinite possibilities for ourselves and loved ones in breast health by using quality therapeutic essential oils and learning a few easy techniques and practices.  What if the benefits of certain essential oils and a gentle lymphatic self breast massage could erase the pain and tenderness, lumps and bumps in our breast tissue?  What if we could teach every woman we know to love and accept their body just the way it is.  What if we could not only keep a breast, but save many breasts and lives?  

We are exposed to toxins in our environment every day.  These toxins may be both physical and emotional and they build up in our body.  The organs of detoxification become overwhelmed and do not perform effectively ,resulting in a weakened immune system, causing discomfort, pain and a wide variety of physical and emotional conditions. 

We have learned quality essential oils have unique properties, including bringing a higher vibration to our bodies. 

 They are anti bacterial; some are anti fungal, anti-viral and/ or anti-parasitic.   They bring more oxygen to the cells.    They raise the frequency of the body to levels at which disease cannot exist.  They benefit all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual at the same time.   They stimulate the release of endorphins and have the capacity to clear and balance emotional trauma  and negative patterns. 

What if we could move to higher vibrations with our breast health?  Many women feel their breasts are too big too small, to saggy, or somehow not right.  Many women live in fear everyday wondering when it will be their turn to be told they have breast cancer.  What if essential oils can help release that anxiety?                                                           

What if we could learn to love our bodies, just the way they are?    What if we can learn a loving self breast massage that would improve our immune system, stimulate the lymphatic system to move toxins out?  And lastly what if we can change our thoughts to feel, know and trust that we have the innate ability to heal ourselves?                Because we Do!