A New Perspective

Take a new perspective on breast health awareness month by looking in a mirror and ask “what can I do to foster my breast health?” When you listen to your body the answer will be given. There is a lot you can do that doctors can’t do for you.

Take the road less traveled and use new thoughts about taking care of your breast health. There are several books and well written blogs with information and education with studies that back up the idea that the old traditional way of taking care of our breast health with radiation and chemo doesn’t work for the most part. There is a better way. You could start with my nine steps as a free gift.

Self-care with nutrition, stretching and exercise, understanding your emotions and learning how to deal with them, getting rid of toxic waste in your body with a lymphatic breast self-massage are key ways to gain a new perspective in your breast health. Thermography is an excellent, FDA approved, safe diagnostic tool that will give you answers to early breast abnormalities. Don’t wait, do it this month!

Many women fear what they don’t know and are waiting for the bomb to drop. When we have those fearful thoughts, we bring the problem to us. Instead we can look in the mirror and ask what is the possibility of having two healthy breasts? In doing all the right things your body naturally will respond to having a healthy immune system.

Look to the resource pages and on my website and find websites and books that will empower you to learn what you can do that doctors cannot do for you. I have a list of thermographer websites who all have great information about breast health on their sites. Glance at a few of my blogs that quote Dr. V and scientific studies with results.

October is known for pinkwashing…supporting the breast cancer cause or promoting a pink ribbon product while producing, manufacturing, and/or selling products linked to the disease. In recent years the definition has expanded to include any company or organization that exploits breast cancer for profit.

Instead of following the crowd, spending money on these frivolous pink items, be your own health advocate with a new perspective of taking care of your natural breast health.  Repeat a mantra, “I am well”, or I love my body and thank it for being healthy.”

Taking the road less traveled with education about self-care as your focus, puts you in the driver’s seat.  It is invigorating to be the driver of my life, my wellness. Continue to listen to your body signals and have a new perspective on your life.