About: Creating Pure Essential Oil Blends

drop-of-oil-flower-background-14474418_sI love to create pure quality essential oil blends. I learned their effectiveness in 2002 when I first was introduced to them. I started teaching essential oil classes soon after I learned how effective they were. I was excited about their medicinal benefits which I thought everyone would love to learn.

As a young child I love to create in the sand box with eggs from the hen house.  I liked to change patterns when I sewed for myself and my children.  Creating my own recipes when I cooked for the family was always interesting and fun for me.

Along life’s journey, my passion for creating never subsided. In fact, I believe our natural instincts as children are, in truth, hidden talents waiting to be developed. Life experiences have taught me to be resilient. It is during times of perseverance that I have relied upon my own strength of character to unearth my own natural instincts.

After learning the benefits of therapeutic essential oils in 2002, I enjoyed creating healthy, effective blends for family and caregivers. It was exciting to be a presenter at the WI State Alzheimer’s Conference in 2003 and 2004 to show the success of effective use of essential oils for Alzheimer’s disease. Early in 2004, I completed a certification course from the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, and went on to an advanced course.

I searched for more information on therapeutic essential oils. When the company I started with stopped their education about essential oils, I found another source. I have always been passionate about learning more, doing research, and sharing what I have learned.  In 2006, I studied courses in herbalism, and completed the certification course in Reflexology through the International Institute of Reflexology.

In 2007, motivated by my sister’s struggle with breast cancer, and a request from a certified clinical  thermography technician to create a breast oil, Healthy Girls Breast Oil was born.  I added “Love” as a special ingredient, as I carefully filled the bottles with drops of essential oil.  They reminded me of soldiers as I sent them off to customers who requested them. Healthy Girls Breast Oil when applied with a lymphatic self breast massage helps to balance, detoxify, soften breast tissue, improve lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the immune system.

My passionate research on the benefits of quality essential oils never ceases to bring me joy! Through education, I find both the fulfillment and promise that our health can be restored through a holistic approach to life. Healthy Girls Essential Oil blend has empowered me to continue with Theresa’s will to live and is my gift for your health!

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