Learning to accept what is as we travel through this life is not easy. We live in this physical body for only a short time before we return to the spirit world from where we came. While in the physical body we are presented with many challenges and duties to get through and fulfilled.
Pain, emotional and physical, is part of going thru these challenges. Learning to accept what is going on in our life as part of why we are here. This concept to accept what is may not be easy.
Five things we can do:
  1. Understand that this challenge is a part of our life and it is temporary.
  2. Educate ourselves to get the best answers for our situation from professionals and others who may have been in similar situations.
  3. Believe God only gives us what we can handle, nothing more.
  4. Trust that we will do exactly what we need to do to get through.
  5. Be grateful that our situation is not as bad as what someone else must deal with.
With Divine help we can accept the situation (the lemon) and make lemonade, which is a positive way to handle a challenge. We can ask our inner-self what to do and listen to the answer, or simply go about what is the best and highest good for everyone and yourself to do in the moment.
Accept what is and know that it is only temporary. Look for the silver lining.