There are a few vital things that can be done to achieve satisfaction and fulfillment in life. There is no need to try to control circumstances that are out of our ability at the time. Instead, we can try to focus on what we can control and include these steps into a plan.

Avoid assumptions that people are thinking awful thoughts about what we do. Our actions in any situation are based on our experiences and our gut feeling. Be confident and use reasonable evidence-based action.

It is not necessary to be a people pleaser and constantly put another person’s needs and desires ahead of our own. When we pay attention to and act on our own wishes and dreams, it will give us self-confidence. If we stop doing things for others just because we are anxious that they will not like us, it will be easier to have a genuine meaningful relationship.

We can learn to face our fears and train ourselves to understand what is causing the way we feel. Then we can move forward toward the life we want, ignoring the resistance fear brought about. Ask questions such as: What is the worst that can happen? How likely is the worst going to happen? What resources do I have that I can draw upon to get some answers?.

There is always more than one way to accomplish what you want. Make decisions from the choices presented to you. Each decision is a well-informed guess, and most often a decision can be reversed.

Follow through with what you start and complete the task no matter how difficult it may seem. Finally stay on the path you believe is right for you. Reward yourself as you accomplish each step toward your happiness. Feel good that the fear you conquered brought you happiness and ultimately life satisfaction.

Mantra to repeat daily: “All of life brings me peace, joy and satisfaction.”