All clutter has a home. I find myself repeating that over and over as I walk around the house, picking up things I left scattered earlier. I find a magazine lying open on the bed, a coat hanging over a chair and a scarf lying on an end table. There is an empty glass and a bowl in the sun room. I opened the mail earlier and now and it is waiting for attention.

This weekend my family helped pick up leaves in our yard. After a few gorgeous days of bright color, the yard now looks cluttered and dull. Thousands of leaves, pine needles and cones are lying all around. With the family’s help the clutter was soon picked up and deposited in the compost or nearby woods.

There is always a reason the items didn’t get put away in their home right away. It seems there simply isn’t time to do the obvious … put the item away. I get a warm fuzzy feeling when everything does get back to its rightful place. I may breathe easier and feel grateful that my house looks tidy again.

When clutter is not cleared away and piles up, there is a problem. It may start to affect our physical, emotional, and mental state. What we see and perceive in our environment does affect our inner being. We know all clutter has a home, but when we procrastinate, clutter can cause blockage in our thinking and stress occurs.

The lymphatic system is like that. When we do not take time to clear away debris from a sluggish, congested lymph, stress is created in our body. Lymph is our body’s cleansing system. It needs movement to get rid of toxins that accumulate every day. Because it doesn’t have a pump, diaphragmatic breathing and manual massage are the best ways to keep lymph healthy. I suggest the gentle, loving breast self-massage for natural breast health.

Pure essential oils aid to remove toxins. Known as natural chelators, quality essential oils are attracted to heavy metals and carry them out of the body. The effective way to use essential oils is to inhale them or apply with a gentle massage.  Each essential oil has different benefits for the body,mind, and spirit.

We think of cleansing the lymph the same way we clean our house, one step at a time. I created nine steps to improve natural breast health. Each of them helps to move the lymph, stimulate the circulatory system and improve the immune system. Keep your lymphatic system working with good practices.