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Along life’s journey, my passion for creating never subsided. In fact, I believe our natural instincts as children are, in truth, hidden talents waiting to be developed. Life experiences have taught me to be resilient. It is during times of perseverance that I have relied upon my own strength of character to unearth my own natural instincts.

Quality essential oils were introduced to me in 2002. I quickly learned their value for physical and emotional well being and was excited to share what I learned with others, especially caregivers. I presented their efficacy at the WI State Alzheimer’s Conference in 2003 and 2004.  I realized there was much more to learn so I signed up and completed a 180 hour certification course. I went on to learn in the intermediate course.

I searched for more information on therapeutic essential oils. When the company I started with stopped their education about essential oils, I found another source. I have always been passionate about learning more, doing research, and sharing what I have learned.  In 2006, I studied courses in herbalism, and completed the certification course in Reflexology through the International Institute of Reflexology.

In 2007, motivated by my sister’s struggle with breast cancer, and a request from a certified clinical  thermography technician to create a breast oil, Healthy Girls Breast Oil was born.  I added “Love” as a special ingredient, as I carefully filled the bottles with drops of essential oil.  They reminded me of soldiers as I sent them off to customers who requested them. Healthy Girls Breast Oil when applied with a lymphatic self breast massage helps to balance, detoxify, soften breast tissue, improve lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the immune system.

My passionate research on the benefits of quality essential oils never ceases to bring me joy! Through education, I find both the fulfillment and promise that our health can be restored through a holistic approach to life.

My definition of aromatherapy is “The safe use of pure essential oils to enhance well being, restoring balance and revitalizing the mind, body and spirit”. Essential oils are the life force or essence of the plant. Their molecular structure is similar to that in the human body allowing them to carry oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells. Quality 100% pure essential oils are grown and harvested at optimal conditions and are distilled at low temperatures and low pressures.

We are exposed to toxins in our environment, personal care products, and even in the food we eat every day. Daily exposure can cause these toxins to build up in the body. The organs of detoxification become overwhelmed and cannot perform effectively, resulting in a weakened immune system, discomfort and pain. 100% Pure essential oils help the immune system work ward off infections and other health conditions.

 Pure essential oils have these unique properties

  1. All have anti-bacterial properties
  2. They are natural antioxidants
  3. Many are anti-fungal, anti-viral and/or anti-parasitic
  4. They bring more oxygen into the body.
  5. They create a higher frequency and more energy in our body
  6. They take chemicals out of the air by breaking the molecular chain
  7. European scientists have found that essential oils work as natural chelators, bonding to heavy metals and carrying them out of the body
  8. They benefit on all levels -physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual

Essential oils are a natural medicine

European countries have been using quality essential oils medicinally for many years. Essential oils are the regenerating, oxygenating and immune defense properties of the plants. The unique molecular structure of plants is similar to the human body which gives essential oils the ability to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells thereby nourishing, detoxifying, increasing oxygen and blood circulation, and mobilizing the body’s own self healing powers. Essential oils enter the blood stream easily and leave efficiently, with no side effects. The oils are very concentrated so it takes very little to have a dramatic healing effect!!

How do essential oils work?
Inhalation is the fastest way to benefit from using the oils, and may be preferred in helping to balance mood and emotions. The essential oils enter through the olfactory where they enter the blood vessels in the nose, past to the lungs, delivering  healthy benefits along the way. Once in the circulatory system, they begin to benefit the internal organs.

Research has shown that people surrounded with pleasant scents enjoy higher self esteem. An easy way to inhale the oils is to put a few drops on a tissue, or just in the palms of the hands and rub in a clockwise motion and inhale deeply. Use a quality diffuser to receive the many benefits of essential oils economically.

Absorption through the skin is very effective
It is recommended to use a carrier when applying pure essential oils to the skin. A carrier is a lotion, massage oil, shampoo, bubble bath, or any safe skin care product. Avoid products with synthetic scents which are chemicals. Avoid products made with mineral oil or petrolatum. These ingredients have too large a molecular weight to be absorbed into the skin. Avoid propylene glycol, a systemic, harmful ingredient, used as a humectant in personal care products, lotions, and baby products; it may cause skin irritations.

Once beneath the skin the essential oils travel to the intercellular fluid surrounding the skin cells and enter the blood stream. Then they travel to the internal organs and the lymphatic system where they aid the immune system. Because of large pores on the bottom of feet, using oils on the feet is the fastest way to absorb them.

Using the essential oils in the bath is a true pleasure!                                                                    Essential oils do not mix with water so it is necessary to mix them the unscented bath gel, or bubble bath without DEA or sodium laurel sulfate, harmful ingredients. Put the unscented bath gel in your hand and add 5-7 drops of essential oil. Rub your hands together and disperse in your bath. The oils permeate the skin as you soak and when you inhale the aromas released by the warm water you receive double the benefits and pleasure. Another healthy way to use essential oils to a specific area is with a cold or hot compress.

Inhalation using a quality diffuser is one of the safest, most effective, and most economical ways to receive the many benefits of essential oils.

Selecting genuine quality pure essential oils                                                                                            The most important thing to understand when selecting essential oils is the difference between genuine, pure, authentic oils and adulterated or synthetic products. Organic doesn’t necessarily mean better, because high quality can come from wild crafted essential oils also. Know the company and learn what their practices are in growing, harvesting and testing their essential oils.

Quality affects the price of essential oils. Growing plants and distilling essential oils are labor intensive. Quality essential oils come from plants grown and distilled at optimal conditions including best soil and climate conditions, as well as harvest methods, including low temperatures and pressures. High pressures and high temperatures and using solvents will fracture the oil molecule and destroy the therapeutic value and alter fragrance.

Oils from the first distillation are the most potent! They will be more costly because it takes a large amount of raw plant material to create an ounce of quality oil. They are very concentrated, single spices, making them very effective. Perfume grade scents may be created by mixing chemicals together to make synthetics oils appear and smell like the genuine oils.

Because the FDA has no regulations in labeling, companies can do what they want, without indicating it on the label.

Creating Essential oil blends                                                                                                                            I enjoyed creating my own blends and teaching others to experiment and create their own blends. I like to teach the benefits of single species essential oils. The reason is that when you know the effectiveness of a single species, you can create a blend, and receive the full benefit of all the oils in that blend, to work synergistically and address many aspects of a condition.

Essential oils are very concentrated and it takes very few drops to make a dramatic effect. A standard dilution is 10 drops of essential oil in 1 ounce of carrier.  When making a blend for the elderly or very young children, always dilute with more carrier oil.  Choose a quality pure massage oil or fractionated coconut oil.

Quality pure essential oils will complement any other type of therapy and boost your immune system. Regular use of genuine essential oils may help alleviate anxiety, tension, stress and minimize aches and pains. Explore and experiment with quality oils to learn to understand their power and effectiveness.

In a consultation with you, I will create a blend which is exclusively designed for your benefit.

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