Awaken to love and forget the fear. Many women live in fear and worry when they might experience breast trauma. They have pain or tenderness in their breast, or they feel a lump when taking a shower. Feelings of fear, apprehension, confusion, frustration may increase symptoms of pain, which may simply be a sign of congestion of the lymph.

Dr. Christiane Northrup says pain in the breast is not an indicator for breast cancer. Pain and tenderness can usually be moved out with a gentle lymphatic breast self-massage. After opening the lymphatic passage at the neck and collar bone take your breast in your hands and gently move it from side to side with a pumping action. Use a flat hand on the top of the breast and stretch the skin slightly as you move it toward the collar bone. Then stroke all around the nipple and lastly beep the horn by pressing firmly on the nipple. The more pleasure you experience by loving your breasts the more healing you will experience.

Most of us are on autopilot when it comes to emotions. We react the way we learned from our parents. We absorbed what we saw and experienced in our parents. But, it is important to acknowledge the emotion as our own. When we can identify where the emotion is in our body we are getting closer to being able to release it.

Many emotions are perceived to be in the chest area, which includes the heart, lungs, breasts, throat and shoulders. There needs to be a balance in giving and receiving. We all know people who constantly give, draining their body and depleting their immune system with stressful situations.

When we learn to understand our emotions we can awaken to love. No emotion is bad. Each one has a message to convey. Any emotion can be considered good as long as we experience it fully and act on the message we get. Call it meditation with our emotions. To understand what they mean it helps to sit quietly and ask your inner self questions such as: Why do I feel this way? When did the feeling start? What caused that emotion to manifest?

You may want to ask what is the worst that could happen? Listen to the answer. When you understand the emotion, all fear can be released or eliminated. That is why EFT works so well. Ask: What is the best outcome from this emotion with positive action. After getting the message, plan what your next step will be, and act. Let go of fear and focus on the positive outcome as you awaken to love.

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