Awareness Improves Breast Health

Awareness is a pattern we can begin to adapt to our everyday living. By being present or aware of what our body is telling us during the day may well bring ourselves to a fuller understanding of why physical things are happening. Awareness also brings us to a higher state of appreciation of wellness we get to feel.

We can start with attention on the foods we eat! We have seen and heard it more than once… reduce or eliminate sugar, refined carbohydrates, meat and dairy products with added hormones which all raise estrogen levels. High body fat and insulin levels may cause higher estrogen levels. It is not difficult to do a simple observation as we eliminate a suspected food for a month and then notice what happens when we eat it again.

A saliva test that checks all hormone levels may be helpful. When there is too much estrogen in relationship to progesterone and other hormones, it causes an imbalance and the body may give a message of breast pain or hot flashes.

Drugs, such as antidepressants, some statins, and some cardiac pills may have side effects and may cause breast pain for some women. Before it is too late make sure that you get your drug and alcohol detox. Lymph in the breast area may be restricted because of wearing a bra that is too tight, not fitted properly, or has an underwire. The lymphatic system has no pump so the lymph may become congested and backed up, causing pain.

To help clear and move the lymph it is essential to gently and lovingly do a self-massage to the breasts every day. This gentle lymphatic self-massage may eliminate tenderness and pain, soften breast tissue, stimulate the immune system and improve lymphatic circulation.

Choose quality pure essential oils in a synergistic blend to balance, detoxify, stimulate, nurture, and improve breast health. Use Healthy Girls Breast Oil with awareness and love as you do the lymphatic self-breast massage for full benefits and improve your breast health.

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