Baby robins receive love and protection in our citrus tree on our deck

I’d like to share the story of Mrs. Robin and her nest in our citrus tree.

One day after checking out the citrus trees on our deck, Mrs. Robin  started carrying nest building materials. She would place the material in the nest and then step on it all around and pack in down in a perfect circle. She sat a little while to test how it felt and then off she flew to get another load in her mouth.
She made her nest in three days -no less
Busy daily till it was time to lay her eggs.
She laid one egg every day for 4 days.
Now she sits quietly, waiting, incubating.  
We count the days til we see, 
1-2-3-4 young naked bodies  
mouths open wide, waiting 
for mother and daddy robin 
to put food in their mouth.
Grow they do, first its fuzz, 
and then feathers few. 
Each day  they stretch their tiny necks
to reach for food that is divided evenly. 
We see the oldest baby stretch his wings
and fluff his feathers.
A couple more days and he is ready to go
Mother and daddy robin are close at hand as 
the first born makes his debut and flies away.
The next day three that were left in the nest take off. 
One crashes to the deck and is helped gently back to his nest.
He sat on a limb a couple more hours and then he is gone too.  
We were blessed to watch this family of robins 
as they built a home and lovingly nurture their young. 
Mother and father provide support to their young as they mature 
and before they are ready to leave their secure home.  
This story is a reminder to nurture and protect what we have.
Our body needs love and protection too. The best way to do
that is to take responsibility for our well being.
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