Baby Robins Experiment
IMG_1199 Baby robins experiment when they learn to fly.

We watched wile a female robin carried nesting material and tried desperately to make a nest on a down spout above our deck.  All of the grasses she carried would fall on the deck.  Rich helped her out by building and attaching a platform to the downspout.  It worked and the nest soon was completed.  Mother Robin laid 3 eggs and sat on her eggs most of the time.  Soon there were 3 fuzzy babies with their eyes closed.  One seemed smaller than the rest.   They had their mouths open all the time.   Mother Robin spent her day flying to find food and bringing it back in her beak.  Today was the day they were leaving the nest.  One was already gone in the morning when we peeked out the door.   The other two waited patiently with a little anxiousness.

How would you feel if you were the baby robin and it was the first day to try out your wings?  Soon it was time, the middle sized robin flapped her wings and flew a short distance to land on the roof of the garage.  She hopped up the edge to the tippy top and stayed there for a few minutes.  Mother Robin came with her beak full of food and sat in a tree across from the garage roof.

IMG_8397The smallest baby robin was anxious, now that he was alone.  He attempted to fly but landed on the railing and then on the deck.  We caught him and put him back in the nest.  He didn’t stay there very long.   Soon he was on the platform that held the nest.  He tried again to fly and could not gain any altitude.  We caught him again, put him in the nest, and brought him some tiny worms that I found in the garden.   He sat there a couple more hours and began chirping.  I think he was talking to his mother. I went into the house for a while and when I came out he was gone.  We didn’t see him anywhere so he must have had enough strength to fly into a tree.

The smallest baby robin’s efforts reminds me of a quote: “If at first you don’t succeed, try again”, maybe try again and again.  My husband is good at looking at a situation or project and knows what he can do to improve the situation.  My daughter who helps me figures things out on the computer will work tirelessly at it until she gets an answer.  I usually don’t have the patience to sit and try different ways to make things work if it is mechanical or electronic.  Just like the baby robins experiment , I love to experiment and figure out what perennials I want to thin or how to propagate Hibiscus or anything to do with flowers and plants.  I also love to experiment with essential oils and create my own effective blends.  Check out my personal blends on my webiste here:

I believe it is wonderful we each have different talents and interests. And when we each do what we love to do as our part of the big picture, we can have it all.