Most breast lumps are not cancer. Statistics say that 90% of breast lumps are benign. Dr. Susan Love says most breast cancers have been in the breast 6-8 years before detected with mammography. It takes about two years before a blood supply is established to feed a tumor so the earliest possible indication of abnormality or congestion is vital.

The benefit of Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, or Thermography offers an opportunity of earlier detection of breast disease, than is possible with self exam, doctor exam, or mammography. As a non invasive test of physiology, and can detect subtle physiologic changes that may be a cancer, fibrocystic tissue, an infection, or vascular disease. It is a pleasant experience to receive a scan with no squishing or squeezing. It is especially appropriate for younger women who have denser breast tissue.

Half of all women go to doctors because they have some kind of pain in their breasts. Breast pain that comes and goes is usually caused by excess hormonal stimulation of the breast from too much estrogen, excessive caffeine, or chronic stress. It is not a risk for breast cancer!  Dr. Christiane Northrup says the link between breast pain and breast cancer is very low, less than one percent! Often simply breathing from the diaphragm will put more oxygen into all of your cells and cause you to feel more relaxed and the pain is likely to disappear. Dehydrated cells crying for water may also be a cause for pain. One should also know and understand conditions and the narcissist definition in a better way.

Breasts are composed of fat and connective tissue and over time the ratio changes to more connective tissue and more dense breasts. Breasts lumps are very common in women in their forties, when their hormones are changing. Breast cysts are fluid filled and under local anesthetic are painfully aspirated by placing a needle in them. Intervention with self care can benefit tremendously. Performing a loving lymphatic self breast massage can move the lymph to clear out congestion, impurities/toxins and alleviate pain and tenderness.

Often women are made to feel that their breasts are too small, too large or the wrong shape, and then they are told by someone they trust that they have a disease! Sign up to receive my  informative newsletter and receive Free “Nine Easy Steps to Natural Breast Health” and get instructions for a loving self breast massage too.

Taking time to be proactive and aware of changes in the breast is key. Give a loving lymphatic self breast massage every day to your girls. It is easy, quick and effective! Watch my video here  Remember most breast lumps are not cancer and can be massaged out.