She was very weak as my sister and I helped her from her hospital bed to a chair.  Earlier a friend had visited briefly.  The full moon was shining through her living room window where her hospital bed was set up.  She had made a remark how bright it was that night.

 We had called the family to come… two brothers, one from Texas had started his journey two days ago, and a sister had come for what may have been a final visit.  She had struggled severely the two months because the cancer was growing, throughout her body.  Her mind stayed focused and always was in control.  She had finally accepted Hospice when there was no other choice.   

 She was grateful for her motorcycle girlfriends who stopped to visit three weeks earlier. She was grateful for her sister who was a nurse and stayed 24-7.  She could help with medicine and procedures, including the oxygen tank, to assure comfort and rest. I came to help as often as I was able.

 Her spirit came to me in a dream three nights earlier and said “Thank you for coming to help me.  I asked her “How will I know what to write in the book?”   (We had talked about her writing a book.  When she got so very sick I offered to help her write it).  She simply answered, “It’s in the bucket” I know now that was to say it was all taken care of, not to worry.

 Now as we were helping her from her bed to a chair, she stood and looked at me and asked “Can I come to your house?  My training with Alzheimer’s reminded me to agree and respond to her feelings more than what she was asking.  So I answered “Yes you can come to my house”.  She smiled a big smile and seemed very happy that she had a place to go.  No more was said.

 Just recently I realized what had really taken place that evening, before she took her last breath.

He spirit was finished in her physical body, but there was so much more to do… I had given her spirit permission to come to my house!   I believe that was the beginning of my mission with Healthy Girls Breast Oil and Lady Lymph with self breast massage education.

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