Paths have always intrigued me.  Where do they go? What will be at the end or along the way on this new path? I love a challenge and often a new path is a challenge for me.  I start out excited and along the way I find roadblocks or bumps in the road, but I usually go along or find another way. My mantra is “There is more than one way.” I ask for guidance and listen or watch for a message as I continue to work toward my goal. I don’t always have an immediate goal, so I ask to show me what to do for my highest good. Then I start wherever I am.

I have changed paths many times in my lifetime. I feltl guided to do certain things, all lessons learned that I needed to grow. I reflect on when I changed my path, often big changes. After selling Tupperware for 22 years as an executive car qualified manager, I knew I needed to change the constant “going” many nights a week to meetings and parties. (That was before online sales became popular.) I gave up my company car and immediately panicked and purchased the first car I found without dickering on price!

I wanted to do more with the Alzheimer’s Association and started a support group in 2002, presented at the state Conference in 2003 and 2004. That path soon changed when my sister asked if she could come to my house in 2006 just before she died of metastasized breast cancer. The following year, a thermographer asked if I could create a breast oil to engage women in their own self-care. I was excited to step into this new role of creating and marketing my own unique essential oil product, Healthy Girls Breast Oil.

As I look back to those early days in business, I am grateful for all the support and encouragement I received. I can also see now how each path I chose, and each stumbling block made me stronger and more determined to come through happy and healthy. Each path led me to a better place in business and family life while I continue to help women learn how to keep their breasts healthy.

I encourage you to reflect on what you have accomplished and recognize the better paths you have taken to arrive at your best life now. Or start now to move toward those better paths and love the outcome!