Did you notice how class reunions are more fun the older we become?

We just celebrated our 55th year class reunion with classmates from the graduating class of 1958.  The first thing I noticed was that everyone was giving a welcome hug to each person as they came in.  When we were classmates in 1958  we rarely gave hugs to anyone.  We have  become much less judgmental and  much closer than we were 55 years ago.

Luckily there were name tags to stick on as there were some unfamiliar faces.  Every five years we celebrated a reunion and still I didn’t recognize a few people.  It may have been because they had not come to the previous reunions or they had been in our class and never graduated with us, because they moved or quit school early. It was very nice to have a list of all classmates who were deceased, with some short remembrances about them.

It was wonderful to receive their hugs and they seemed pleased to receive mine.  As we visited we learned someone was selling a second home in another state or traveling to see their children and grandchildren in many other states.  Most had retired and were spending their time traveling and enjoying the good life.  Some classmates and/or their spouses were experiencing pain from an earlier accident or mishap and even from mistakes made in a hospital.   They were coping, and still enjoying live as it was handed to them.  I count my blessings and am so very grateful for all the years of my good health!

We reminisce about school days and past reunions.  Our 10 year class reunion they had a contest to see which woman had the shortest skirt.  Panty hose had just come out, (before that we wore garters to hold stockings up)  All the women had short skirts. My skirt was one of the shortest and I thought I had a chance to win.  My skirt was voted #2 instead of being the winner.  So I remember this forever!

We visited about how and when they retired, sold their business, or retired from farming and maybe occasionally still help the kids on the farm. There are a few who are still working at what they love to do.  I count myself in that group.  I share my business cards with a few who have a computer.  I was amazed at how many do not own a computer!

Most everyone is smiling and having a wonderful time.  Only one or two people look disgruntle with life.  Maybe life has handed them lemons and they didn’t know how to make lemonade!

After our wonderful lunch and dessert it’s time to gather for a group picture.  All the spouses are taking pictures and someone is assigned to have a 5×7 picture sent to each of us. We talk about another reunion in 5 years. More visiting, some people say goodbye while others stay a while longer.  We usually are one of the last couples to leave.  Class reunions always are a lot of fun.