Time for Cleaning.

Spring is traditionally a time for cleaning.  We clean our homes, our yard and our body. Your body is continually bombarded with environmental pollutants and chemicals every day. Quality essential oils are a good consideration for cleaning your home and cleansing your body. Using essential oils with baking soda, vinegar and/or a castile soap is very effective and entirely safe.

Some detergents and cleaning products may trigger ailments like asthma, eczema, while others may cause decreased fertility, miscarriages, premature births and cancers. These toxins are not only harmful to your health but they are equally damaging to the eco –system.

Essential oils are safer than chemical counterparts. However, they are highly concentrated and require caution in using them.   Learn the valuable information you need and make this Spring a time for cleaning with essential oils.

Create your own cleaning products using essential oils:

  • All purpose disinfectant cleaner- add several drops of your favorite essential oils to 1 part water, I part vinegar. (Lemon, Thyme, Rosemary, or Clove)
  • Room or linen spray-fill a 4 oz bottle with distilled water, add 15-20 drops essential oil. Shake bottle gently and spray into air or on bed linens. Lavender aids sleep..
  • Laundry- add 3-5 drops essential oils to laundry detergent before loading laundry or on a reusable washcloth to throw in the dryer with your clothes..
  • Floor Cleaner, add l/4 cup of white vinegar, several drops of castile soap and 5-10 drops lemon oil or a blend of oils to a bucket of water .
  • Dishes- add essential oils, Lemon, Lime, or Bergamot to unscented dish soap. A few drops in the dishwasher or on dish cloths and sponges will sanitize and purify.
  • Kitchen and bath surfaces- spray lemon oil and water to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Use lemon spray for kitty liter, smelly shoes, smelly clothing
  • A few drops of lemon oil will help remove sticky labels, gum, oil, grease spots, or crayon, depending on the surface. Use caution with plastic containers as lemon will interact with plastic.
  • Mold can pose several potential health risks, including allergic reaction and asthma attacks. Several drops of Australian Melaleuca alternifolia is one of the best oils to get rid of mold. Mix with water and wipe away mold with a disposable paper towel.
  • Vacuum Cleaner – Put 3 drops of Tea Tree,(melaleuca) and 3 drops of lemon on the outside of your vacuum bag to refresh the air as you vacuum.
  • Polish and clean wood furniture and kitchen cabinets-3 parts white vinegar, or lemon juice and 1 part olive oil in a jar; shake to mix and apply to furniture with a soft cloth. Or make a spray with the same ingredients and a little distilled water. The vinegar and lemon cleans and the oil lubricates the wood.

Cleansing Your Body:

Lemon essential oil is useful for your immune system too as it cleans and supports liver function, improves your lymphatic and circulatory systems.  Drink lemon in your water first thing in the morning, before coffee or anything else. It’s a great cleansing tonic for digestion and all the systems of your body.

Healthy Girls Breast Oil has several cleansing oils to improve lymphatic circulation and improve the immune system, including Geranium essential oil which may help  to open the liver to discharge toxins. Frankincense has properties that may stop and regress the advancement of abnormal cells to other parts of the body. Read more here

My favorite is using a micro mist diffuser which will disperse the essential oils into the air where they continually give cleansing and healing benefits long after the diffuser is off.  Inhaling essential oils is the best way to raise emotional frequency from anxiety or fear to a higher emotion such as peacefulness and love. Lower emotions are the root cause of many physical conditions.

Spring is here.  It is time for cleaning your home, your yard and your body.  Always get more information on my free monthly teleseminars.  Sign up to receive my newsletter.  Follow me on Facebook!