A few years ago, I sang along to a song, “Take back your Power.” I believe it helped me get through some tough stuff. I felt I was living in a state of lack. I felt I never had enough. I kept looking for the day when I would have plenty and live in abundance. I thought I did not have what I needed to get the job done. I thought I needed to have other people “help me” with the tasks that I had to accomplish.

I was bringing many unpleasant circumstances into my life. I felt I did not have the money to hire someone to develop a beautiful website for me. So, like a parasite, I hung on to the belief that someone else could do it better for me. I chose to work with someone who would “save” me. She would save me money and have someone design my website for me. After many months of waiting and expecting any day for this beautiful website to be live and finished, it did not happen. When I finally got to “see” what my website was going to look like, it was not what I had anticipated.

That is when I heard the words, “Take back your power and give it to yourself.” I ended the relationship to build my website with the wonderful people who so graciously wanted to help me. I immediately went looking for another person to develop my website.

Another lovely woman who was full of promises would help me create the website. Again, I was disillusioned, as she had promised I would be able to go in and change and add text to the website. As she worked, she informed me that would not be possible and soon my website was shut down. There was no explanation. Another disappointment in my expectations.

I wanted to have the full moon and I was getting just a slice. Again, I felt controlled. I had given up my power, but I was learning. I had copied most of the pages and was checking with a couple local young women entrepreneurs. I emailed them when my website was gone. They assured me with the copied pages they could have my website up within a few days and tweak it after it was live.

At that time things were not looking great in my personal life either. I was feeling like a victim and felt fear and a feeling that I did not belong. Bewildered, I thought it was up to me to make a change, even if I needed to leave my home, because no one was happy there. I surrendered to what I thought was important and looked closely at what I really wanted. I felt leaving a situation without speaking my truth was the best I could do.

Fear had taken over my heart, until I calmed myself and began to answer some of my fear questions. What was the worst thing that could happen? It was then I realized I could conquer my fear. I felt strong and confident to plow through whatever the outcome would be. I found that it was not as tough as I thought it would be. I could conquer my fear by taking action, speaking my truth to get my feelings expressed and take back my power!