Healthy Girls Breast Oil Bottle- New Label“Could you create a breast oil,” She asked. It was April, 2007 when I was a vendor at a health show in Pine Island, MN.  A certified clinical thermographer saw that I already created personal essential oil blends so she asked me if I could create a breast oil.  I was excited with the opportunity to create a new product.  I quickly said, “Yes, I’d be happy to create a breast oil.”  I invited her to come with thermography to Eau Claire, WI where I lived.  She hesitated a bit because she was from Iowa, but agreed if I could get people interested she would come.

Upon returning home, I started to research which essential oils could help for breast health. I found Frankincense to stimulate the immune system, ward off infections, and discourage metastasis.  I found Lavender relaxes physically and emotionally and offers cellular repair; Geranium balances regenerates tissue and opens the liver to discharge toxins.

I noticed there were government clinical studies done in 1997-1999  with certain citrus oils, orange, which had large amounts of d-Limonene that stopped and improved abnormal cells.  Lemon had high amounts of d-Limonene that helped to purify the immune and lymphatic system. I looked for an herb and found Marjoram which eases congestion causing pain.  It was perfect for a folklore called it “Joy of the Mountains.  Boobs are our mountains!   Rose damascene raises the frequency of every cell, offers emotional balance and brings well being and love to the body.  Nerolena, an Australian Oil was added in 2011 to take the place of Rosewood, an endangered species.

I researched which base oil I would use and decided on a blend of Apricot Kernel, Grapeseed , Safflower, Evening Primrose and Vitamin E.  I learned Evening Primrose had a short shelf life and made some changes.

“Could you create a breast oil” became a reality   The name Healthy Girls Breast Oil was given and guided as was the formula and the people who helped along the way. I was advised to get a registered trademark and I didn’t hire an attorney at first.  Of course I did something incorrectly and ended up hiring an attorney anyway to correct my mistake to get a registered trademark.

Instead of continuing with the process of me dropping each essential oil into each bottle, in 2009 I chose to have Healthy Girls Breast Oil made up in gallons with organic Jojoba oil so it would be a consistent product.   I still needed to fill the bottles and label them.  I hired someone to help me.

In 2011, business was growing and again I believe it was divine guidance when I met this gentleman from Australia at a health show who was starting his essential oil business in Minneapolis.  He already owned essential oil companies in Australia and he knew chemistry and how all the constituents of essential oils worked together. We met, and he gave me choices for the final product and Healthy Girls Breast Oil, as you know it today, is a desirable, effective product for breast health.

Healthy Girls Breast Oil is sold in thermography clinics and health stores all across the country and abroad. It can be purchased in larger quantities at a wholesale price.  Single bottles, boxed, specials, and 4 oz bottles are available.