Curious Minds

We have curious minds about what is happening to our world as we knew it. Even though we do not always have a choice about what is going on, we have a free will and can choose how we respond to our experiences. There are some positive ways to reflect and ask ourselves: What can I learn from this mess? Is it possible to evolve to a higher consciousness and understanding, even though I am not pleased that I must go through this?

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

The answer: One bite at a time. Many people are feeling overwhelmed right now. Instead of trying to digest the entire big mess of this pandemic and the upcoming election, we could do better by taking one bite at a time. Look back at the last couple of months and notice how we have learned to cope and change as we needed to, both personally and professionally.

We have been able to walk away from what was the norm and move closer to our new life. If it still seems a little scary, we can remind ourselves that growth requires discomfort.

Everyone does not handle the events in today’s world with the same insight. It is not our job to judge right or wrong. Everyone has a choice to make, always. We can be curious about why others choose differently. What might cause someone to think, say, and do the things that seem at first glance to be irrational or unhelpful in some way.

Yes, this situation is exhausting and annoying, but someway we will get through it. So be curious and courageous and just eat that elephant one day at a time. Get something good from it. You might like this mantra: “All of life gives me peace, joy, and glory. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!”