Dixie in our Woods after 12″ of Snow

On Monday after getting a huge amount of snow (12.5 inches) I was ready to get out the cross-country skis.  I would ski over to my daughter Sandy’s home to let the chickens out of their house, (one of the chores we had to perform because they were gone for a few days.  We also were watching our other daughter Cheryl’s black lab who loved the snow and taking a walk in the woods that led to Sandy’s house.

I put my skis on and start breaking a trail through the 12 +“ of snow. After going about 150 yards I realized I didn’t have my ski poles along.  I was going slowly, pushing the snow down with my skis.  At one time I remember thinking snow shoes might work better.  But I had a chore to do and the scenery was absolutely beautiful with the snow laden pine and deciduous trees.


Then I realized I didn’t have my ski poles!  Oh my gosh, I thought, how did I get this far without ski poles?  What should I do?  Go back to get them?  It was a long way back and I was doing ok, so I decided to keep going. Perhaps when I get to Sandy’s house I would be lucky and find some walking sticks or something to use for ski poles.  Otherwise I could take my skis off, carry them and walk home on the narrow snow covered road.  But I had Dixie, the black lab, and it may be risky on the road for her.

I kept my thoughts positive as I let the chickens out of their house and walked around to the front of her house.  There they were, like magic, two walking sticks behind a bench on her front porch!   How can it get any better than this? What are the possibilities?

The ski trail was much more fun going home.  I could follow the trail I created coming over and the walking sticks worked great!

As I reflect back on the day, I realized we sometimes get too concerned about what we think we need to make something happen.  When we just move forward with what we have, wonderful things get accomplished, and we may discover a new way of doing a chore, a task or something fun!   This is true in business too.  I know many times I have waited for everything to be just perfect, before I get out of my comfort zone and simply make the call.

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