Don’t Look Back

The sign says “Don’t Look Back, You Are Not Going That Way”   So true.

However, I believe it is fun to look back to see how far we have come.  For instance when you look back to a year ago and all that you have accomplished and grown it feels really good.  If we tend to stay in one place, and not push through any new challenges, it may feel we are going backwards.

There will always be another milestone to reach, bridge to cross, record to break, book to write, or an unhealthy pattern to change, to reach that new level of wellness and comfort.  Milestones are to remember.  I look back only to learn from my experience.

It may not feel comfortable as we strive to move forward in our personal, family, spiritual and business life.   “In the good old days things were different”.  I know I don’t want to go back, do you?   For me there was no warm garage for my car until 8 years ago.  The single floor furnace for the entire house has been replaced with first a wood furnace for 20 years, and now we have an efficient dual heat water furnace.  I am so grateful for all the improvements in my home.  I’m open to possibilities in every area of my life.

When we choose incorrectly we learn.  Sometimes we get to learn these lessons more than once in a lifetime.   I believe in choosing something is better than doing nothing!  We get to experience beautiful possibilities when we move toward what we want.  Can you move forward and not look back?