Dreams Help Us Understand

Do you write down your dreams?  I love to write down what I remember about my dreams. As soon as I feel myself waking up, before I go to the bathroom, stretch, or wake up completely I become quiet and think back to what I can remember of my recent dream. Most of the time I can remember parts of the dream. If not, then I don’t worry about it and try again the next day.

This morning I read some of my dreams that I wrote down in the last 6 months. I always like to record the date, so I know what was happening in my life at the time.  As I read what I wrote in April, it pertained to Cheryl, my daughter, and transitioning my business.

This is what I wrote,” I was on the back of the truck and Cheryl was driving. She started out fast and I fell of the truck. Rich was happy as he closed the gate and we walked together down the road. Something left loose in one hand. I was pulling one thing in the other hand.”

Another dream in June 28th went like this “I wanted to do something with my friends. They all had plans, so I was happy just hanging around. I heard this old man say he was tired and wanted to go home. I told him I would take him home. I had to get my car and he waited for me. I parked my car in front of a Jesus statue in a cemetery, I think. It would be safe there. It was parked downhill. I was going to drive the old man’s car. He was happy I’d take him home.”

I loved this one I dreamed on July 23rd. “A warm hand touched mine. He said it’s Jeff (my deceased nephew). Then he came out from behind the pillar.”

Another one that day: “I was walking through shallow water with a big ocean on my left. It must have been high tide. I was concerned when the tide would recede, so the road would be clear again.  I dreamed I wanted to go back to a place I had been. I started but I went too far. I had to go back. I found a ride part way and walked some and with help from people and miracles it seemed like I was going to get back in time.” That was a week before Rich passed.

Our dreams are full of information, advice, and guidance. Through dreaming we examine our current issues, and help us to come up with ideas, behaviors and goals. They help us create a clearer picture of where we are, where we are going, and help us to make better decisions.

Dreams have health benefits because they help us process emotions in our lives, even depression. Working with dreams help lift emotions or help find a better solution. After writing them down, it will help to analyze what they mean. Often examining the inner parts of our dream gives us the understanding or message we are looking for.

You will really enjoy reading the dream journal about 6 months later because it will be spot-on!

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