Driver’s License Test


It was a cold winter in 1957.  I was wearing a heavy wool coat.  I was excited to be going for my Drivers License test.  I lived on a farm and at age 13 I had to drive the tractor in the field as my dad sat behind the tractor on a grain binder tying the bundles.

My job was to make the corners clean and straight so not to leave any grain standing.  I found this very difficult as I struggled to push in the clutch and turn the steering wheel as hard as I could as the tractor continued to move along.  Many times I left grain standing because I turned too soon or too late and cut into the field of grain.  That was not acceptable.  I kept trying and finally I learned it pretty good.

I’m in my dad’s ’53 Buick with no automatic steering, my heavy winter coat seems too bulky.  I am very warm, sweating with anxiety.  The driver license officer is sitting in the passenger seat and watching as I shift the gears, look over my shoulder, and slow down and look both ways at a stop sign and RR tracks.   My emotions were racing, and I was determined to accomplish this task and pass my driver’s test.  I did!

57 years later I am passing another assessment,  doing a webinar for the first time.  I’m in a much better emotional state because I have learned to prepare, plan and practice.  The BIG THING that I have learned is to TRUST my inner knowing, believe it will be the best it can be,  and that anything is possible.  I have learned that doing something is better than waiting for perfection.

The day of the webinar approaches and I’m a little anxious, but not like I was in 1957 when taking my driver’s test, not like I have been with so many other “trials” in my lifetime.  I know in my heart the webinar will be the best it can be.  I believe I have done the preparation, and with wonderful help,  it will be just fine.

Yes, this is my first webinar and I passed the test!

The link to listen to the Replay of “Guidelines for the Safe and Effective Use of Essential Oils”  Password: webinar2014