Dixie in the woods after 12″ of snow

Emotions are the root of all physical conditions

This morning I felt out of balance, light headed, and as if something was making me feel dizzy.  I took a little time to evaluate what was going on and has been going on…I have not spent much time outside in nature because of the extreme cold weather. I like the feeling of freedom and release of pent up emotions that I get from activity outside.

I also realized I needed a specific essential oil blend for me. I went into my quiet place and knew which essential oils to put in a blend for me. I used half a bottle of Mystic Balance and then added a few more stabilizing essential oils and I had a blend that was perfect for me right now. I sprayed it over my face and body and I knew it was exactly what I needed.

Sometimes our emotions make us feel out of control and we hide from them, ignore them, or focus instead on our physical pain. If we don’t take time to learn the meaning of our feelings we lose our power and give it to someone else. It’s quite common to stuff our real emotions because they feel uncomfortable. If we continue to stuff the emotion, it can manifest as a physical condition.

When we feel badly about something, what do we do? Shout? Eat? Hit a pillow? Do you ever take time to sit and be quiet for a few minutes, and study the emotion?  What am I feeling? What caused it? Has it happened before?  When was the last time? Does it happy frequently? Is there a message I get to learn from this emotion? What could I do differently?  Often, we can use EFT tapping points to help clear the emotion but only when we are aware of what we are feeling and where we are feeling it in our body.

Dr. Thomas Hudson, in his book Journey to Hope, writes a chapter on understanding and expressing emotions. He emphasizes that dealing with our emotions starts with awareness. Becoming aware is simply listening to our inner self. The first step is to name the emotion we are feeling. There is a difference between what we feel and what we think we feel. For instance, being rejected is an action and different from feeling heartbroken; being overworked is a state of being and different from feeling overwhelmed; and having someone neglect you is an occurrence, different from feeling lonely. We often confuse the feeling with what we are thinking or what is happening to us.

Acknowledge the emotion as our own

No one can make us mad or sad; we can only do that to ourselves! Another person may pull the trigger to our emotions, but it doesn’t do us any good to blame anyone else for our feelings. We get to take full responsibility for understanding them. Only when we take steps to deal with our emotions can we move to a higher level of consciousness and health.

Identify where in the body we feel the emotion. Many emotions are perceived to be in the chest area, which includes the heart, lungs, breasts, throat and shouldersIt is for our highest good to express our emotions fully. When we can identify where the emotion is in our body, we are getting closer to being able to release it.

Always take time to allow time for introspection and to become calm. Ask questions and listen to the deeper message through meditation or by simply being quiet. The answers will come. Once you have heard the message, you need to act on it! Otherwise the whole process will be for nothing.

There also needs to be a balance in giving and receiving. We all know people who constantly give, draining their body and depleting their immune system with stressful situations. We get to nurture our body and ourselves with loving daily practices such as, healthy eating, yoga stretches, exercise, and meditation.

Why do we experience physical pain? Something or someone who feels like a pain in the neck can be the reason for a stiff neck. When we become involved with another person’s stuff it may be the reason we experience a sore shoulder, a sign of carrying more than we can handle. Learning to let go of situations that require more than we can handle may be best for our highest good.

It’s time to tune into your body. What is it telling you? Listen and be conscious of the messages you receive. Chronic fatigue or pain; an accident or an illness are all signs that tell us to change! Take time to re-evaluate. Where are you going? What do you really want? What can you do for your highest good?  Remember you are the most important person in your life!

No emotions are bad, not even the unpleasant ones. They all have something to tell us. Any emotion can be considered good if we experience it fully and act on the message we get. Knowing what we are feeling in the moment is like coming home to our inner self, the self where we can feel, joy, peace and love.

Listen to your heart!  As we work with our emotions our best guide is our intuition and our heart. Get to that peaceful place within where stillness exists. It is in your sacred space where you connect with your higher self.

Listen to your thoughts – your higher self-talking. It helps you make decisions and choices. With a clear intention, as you feel the energy, or hear the thoughts, trust, and be confident you will make the correct decision, such as choose the correct essential oil you need for your physical or mental wellbeing. By learning how emotions work and taking responsibility for your feelings, you learn to accept the lessons they bring to you.