Every ending has a new beginning. It is a waste of time to ponder about what might have been. When it is time to move on, there is always something new and exciting waiting to be discovered.

In 2008, during the recession, four energetic ladies filled with verve were guided to start The Goddess Connection, a nucleus with four directions sharing with women, knowledge and wisdom, illumination and perception, introspection and transformation, love and trust.

Our purpose was to Inspire, encourage, empower, and unite women to raise the “CAN DO” energy and embrace positive change. We shared many fun, informative, healing, and enlightened evenings with women in Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls and surrounding communities. We gathered at individual’s homes, parks, and businesses.

We created a beautiful logo and held monthly gatherings for women, men and families with music, education, dance, healing, and merriment for 4 years. It was wonder filled!

When I chose to stop the story as a facilitator with The Goddess Connection, I celebrated the ending of this connection and proceeded to create new beginnings for myself. Many things don’t end anyway, they just begin again in a new way.

Healthy Girls Breast Oil (I didn’t know it was a business) was new on the horizon and I was drawn to get information to women about natural breast health and the lymphatic system. It took me into unexplored territories with cold- calling thermographers across the country. I shared my story about my sister and why I was so passionate about this new essential oil blend and the lymphatic breast self-massage. I offered a free tester for them to have their clients try after their thermography scan. Many accepted and are still customers today. Others offered to refer my business and website.

After eleven years promoting natural breast health and the lymphatic breast self-massage, I was very happy to sell the business to my daughter. She and her assistant take care of  receiving and sending orders. My part of the business is to continue to educate on the effectiveness of essential oils, and how important the lymphatic system is to keep the immune system healthy.  I offer fifteen-minute free consults.

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