essential oil Every Year and every day brings us new adventures and experiences.  Life is really wonderful that way.  When the day is done, we can let it all go and know after a good sleep where dreams can process, we awaken to a New Day.  This New Day can be completely opposite from the day before, when we allow it.

I look back to just a few years ago with struggles and sometimes unexplained circumstances in my business.  Like the time I sent a large order of Healthy Girls Breast Oil to a hotel in CO for a health fair.  I received a call from a gentleman in NH.  He told me he received my box (sent from the hotel in CO).  He had opened it to find my name and said he would send it to me.  A few days later I received the unfamiliar box that looked awful!  Inside the bottles were just thrown into a plastic bag, some were broken and WHAT A MESS.  What had happened?  I called the gentleman in NH and he had sent the box just the way he received it from the hotel and everything was in good shape when he sent it.

I called the hotel several times and they knew nothing and refused to do anything about the mix-up. I went to the Post office and sent in a claim.  They told me to ask for a smaller value and I’d be more likely to get something. I think they finally sent me $25.  The value of the contents in the box was over $500.  What was that all about?  I felt frustrated and wondered what that was all about?  What was the lesson in all of this?

We all look back to see huge physical and emotional challenges which we have conquered and moved through with a new sense of awareness.  We learn to let go of pain by changing a pattern, getting encouragement and help from friends and family.  When we finally can let it go, we find a new world where we can move forward with ease, happiness and joy.  I believe essential oils can be used to help raise our consciousness to a higher frequency.

Our thoughts and emotions have frequency.  We respond to the thoughts and prayers of others, whether we are aware of it or not. Negative thoughts lower body frequency in 3 seconds.  Essential oils used with positive thoughts, prayer and intent help to raise frequency in 21 seconds.

~ Emotions which have very low frequency are: anxiety, fear, guilt, depression, or grief.  Essential oils to help raise vibrations at this low level are:  Lavender, Orange, Tangerine, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Marjoram, Geranium, Chamomile, Clary Sage, and Sage,

~ A little higher frequency emotions are: being angry, judgmental, discouraged, or seeking revenge.  Essential oils to help here are: Cypress, Clary Sage, Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Mint.

~ Somewhat higher frequency are: frustration, boredom, impatience, worry or doubt. Essential oils to use for these emotions are: Frankincense, Ylang Ylang Chamomile, Lavender, Orange.

~ Even higher frequencies are: contentment, ease, positive belief, hopefulness, or feeling optimistic. Some essential oils suggested here are: Eucalyptus, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Orange, Cedarwood.

~ At the top of the scale of frequencies and allowing 100 %  of what we want are: Passion, Choice, Wisdom, Enthusiasm, Trust, Gratitude, Joy ,Bliss, or Love,  Essential oils to keep us at this highest  vibration are: Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Ylang ylang, Geranium, Palmarosa,  Rose.

Notice that many of the oils are repeated at any frequency level to raise the vibration higher!

As we work with our emotions our best guide is our intuitionListen to your heart!  Get to that peaceful place within where stillness exists.  It is in your sacred space where you connect with your higher self.

Listen to your thoughts.  That is your higher self talking.  It helps you make decisions and choices.  Have a clear intention, as you feel the energy, or hear the thoughts, Trust, have confidence and choose the essential oils you need for your well being.