Fear is bad for your health

There are basically two ways to live, in faith or in fear. Many people live in fear most of the time. It is an underlying feeling that you are not safe so you constantly live-in fear. Fear is often handed to us from our parents, grandparents and those who we believe are in authority. During your lifetime you probably were taught to be afraid of everything. Most of us were taught to fear death. When you started going to medical professionals, you learned that your body had a lot of adverse things that could go wrong. Fear of those things happening to you remind you that you need to fear the unknown and what may happen.

Fear creates a biochemical state in your body that affects your immunity and increases your susceptibility to viruses and bacteria that are all around you. For example, most people have the bacterium that causes pneumonia in their respiratory system, but it stays in check until their vibration is lowered in some way.

Fear shuts down your gut. When you experience fear your body releases stress hormones that slow or shut down bodily functions that you do not immediately need for survival. This includes your gut where most of your immune system resides.

Fear attracts what you fear most. Most emotions, including fear, are energy. When you let fear run your life you attract more of what you are afraid of. To let go of fear start with small steps. Scan your body to find out where you feel the fear. Begin to breathe long slow deep breaths through your nose. Hold for a few seconds and exhale slowly through your nose, allowing the exhale to be longer than the inhale. This way of breathing will calm the vagus nerve, lower your heart rate, and blood pressure and help your body to metabolize stress hormones. Repeat three times or as many times as needed to stop the fight or flight response.

Know that your life is precious, and you are worthy of expressing your true beliefs. Use EFT tapping, affirmations, prayer or connecting with the divine to help you let go of fear and  live in faith and love.