How do you feel when you just learned something new?  Everyone is doing it and has been doing it for a long time.  But today is the day for ME to learn something new.

You are going to laugh when I tell you what it is.  I’m all prepared to use my debit card at the grocery store.  I had memorized my four digit pin number and I was ready to learn!

I had never used my debit card before anywhere.  I simply use it as a credit card.  There is no one in line behind me so it’s perfect!  The friendly cashier tells me to enter my pin and I try to write it in.  She comes around to show me that all I need to do is punch the numbers.  Oh that is easy.  How can it be so easy?

I finish and answer the question if I want additional cash.  And I’m done!  A rush of excitement runs through my blood.  I did it!   As I wait for my daughter to show me how to use the ATM machine, I reminisce about other first time experiences that were exhilarating.
Preparing hot ais balloon

There was the time when I had the opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon. The anticipation of waiting and watching as they prepared the huge balloons was exciting.  It was very early in the morning; the winds were calm (important).

They fired the balloons and they began to grow big and bigger.  That day there were three balloons going up at about he same time.   8-10 people and the pilot were riding in each balloon.

When it was ready we were invited to climb into the basket.   Then the pilot lifted off and up.  I never felt any fear.  I trusted the pilot knew what to do and he did!  We flew quite high into the open country and could see   in the distance, rolling hills, fields and rivers in the surrounding area.  Then we drifted quietly over the rooftops, barley missing one chimney, in a residential area and landed on the lawn between two houses.  All the while the pilot had confidence and knew what to do.  I loved every moment!  It was a dream that come true for me. Yes, it was on my bucket list.  Have you experienced a ride in a hot air balloon?  What were your feelings?

There are many more exciting first time experiences. Each experience has different feelings.  Do you remember when you first learned to drive a car?   Coming soon….. Learning to Drive in 1956