Forgiveness Is as Important as Gratitude

“There is no peace without forgiveness,” says Marianne Williamson, author and teacher of The Course in Miracles. When you are mistreated, you are the one who will benefit most from forgiveness, not the other person. Forgiving others releases you from anger and hurt and allows you to receive the healing you need. It is as important as gratitude.

Forgiveness is a journey and rarely is a one-time practice. There may be a need to keep forgiving because there are many layers to forgive. There is a meditative exercise where a person you want to forgive is set in front of you (in your imagination). The exercise is helpful because even if the person has passed, there may still be a need to forgive that person in your heart.

Forgiveness is not always easy. It may feel painful to forgive someone or a situation in which it feels you were the one who was harmed. Use an affirmation to make peace with it, release it, and say it no longer affects you. Make a choice to go forward, and it will no longer be a part of your life. Simply decide that person or event is no longer necessary to take up space in your mind.

An affirmation to repeat: “I now release you (or this situation) from my life, and I look forward to all the good that I will attract by doing so.” Notice the sense of peace that surrounds you as a result.

You may also find a need to forgive yourself or to forgive God, whom you may have thought allowed an injustice. The act of self-forgiveness begins when you truly embrace love for yourself. It’s natural that some of your actions disappoint you. Accept your humanness and stay on your path of inner development.

Forgive yourself of all the things you thought you did wrong. Be honest about your feelings and get it off your chest. Learn to express your emotions fully by journaling or speaking out. This reduces stress and has proven to be effective in boosting the immune system.

Feel secure and confident in who you are. Expect to be respected for your opinions and decisions, but also empathize and understand the reason for the beliefs of others. Listen to their suggestions, while having the courage to stand firm in your own beliefs. Love yourself first with healthy lifestyle habits.

When you practice self-forgiveness, you learn and choose not to repeat the lesson in the future. There are no mistakes in life; there are simply learning opportunities for your highest good.

Excerpt from the book  “Breast Health Is in Your Hands”