Fun and Laughter in a Serious Time

Someone tells a funny story and people around burst in laughter. Another person has a cute joke to share and again there are smiles and reminiscing of good times. When times are tough the tough can get happy with laughter.

Recently I read something cute that said everyone has crap. “I have my crap and they have theirs. I decided that I would not give them my crap and in return I would not take any of their crap. Now when someone tries to give me their crap, I refuse it, I have plenty of mine own. Everybody’s crap is custom designed, and it doesn’t fit well on other people.”

Following a good burst of laughter leaves us less stressed, grateful for what we have, and happy for life, family, and friends. We are more likely to keep smiling, thinking about pleasant things, and doing favors and offerings to people in need. This tends to catch on, inspiring others to act positive and influence everyone they encounter. This chain reaction makes one think that this is the way life should be and start making fun and laughter an important part of daily lifestyle and change in the world.

A spoonful of sugar (laughter) can be good medicine for many during a serious time. We all have this available whenever we recall a funny story or act silly. We magnify the effect of this “medicine” when we share it with other people in our lives. If we can lighten someone’s stressed or bewildered feelings, we will know that it was worth the spontaneous fun sharing.

Of course, we know there is the serious side of everything in life too. It is important to honor that serious side to stay balanced. After a period of fun and laughter, it will be easier to get back to work and be serious about achieving a goal.