Essential Oils Webinar ReplaysQuality essential oils are gifts of love.   Did you know essential oils have the capability to interrupt a pattern of stress in any system in the body?  When neurons do not fire together, an imbalance occurs.  The norm for our culture is a stressful fight or flight life style. It keeps our bodies saturated with chemicals producing immune system depletion, digestive problems, cardiovascular overload, blood sugar problems, and a racing mind that doesn’t allow a quiet sleep.

Our thoughts and beliefs are heavily influenced throughout our childhood and by age ten our conditioning about health and disease is already in place. This conditioning is then shaped by what we think and say to ourselves. For example, a deadly and depressing idea of breast cancer can remain in our thoughts and we continue to live in fear. Thoughts like this can lower immunity, increase the likelihood of inflammation and cell abnormalities throughout the body, and may even block treatment.

Using quality essential oils regularly can break the pattern of fight or flight of the sympathetic nervous system. This interference helps tame the brain, calm, refocus, and shift the energy instantly… A gift of love for our bodies.

 Six important properties of Essential oils   

 Quality produced essential oils are living substances which raise electrical frequency of the human body. Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between any two points. Studies show that quality essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance. They have a direct impact on the immune system and bring about a feeling of well being and mental awareness.

  1. They take chemicals out of the air by breaking the molecular chain.
  2. They act as natural chelators, bonding to heavy metals and carrying them out of the body, through the circulatory and lymphatic system
  3. Essential oils can increase our sense of wholeness & connection with Source.
  4. They stimulate the release of endorphins, which help to relieve physical and emotional discomfort, and encourage a feeling of joy, and well being.
  5. Essential oils have the capacity to clear and balance emotional trauma and negative patterns which the body holds in its subconscious. Quality essential oils can interrupt and cause a physical or emotional pattern change.

Changing a pattern is like erasing a groove- the deeper it is embedded, the longer time it will take to erase.  For some emotions we need only to bring them into our awareness to release them, while others are more deeply rooted emotions require more time and attention.

Inhaling the oils is the fastest and most often preferred in balancing mood and emotions.  Scents can affect our emotions and work on a subconscious level to modify emotional imbalances or change behavior. Any physical condition generally has an underlying emotional cause.  Studies show individuals who use essential oils experience a higher self esteem.

A quality diffuser is an important consideration. A diffuser with drops of essential oils will emit a cool micro mist that stays suspended and continues to benefit with essential oil therapeutic qualities long after the diffuser is off.

Absorption through the skin such as in a massage is also very effective. Once beneath the skin, essential oils go to the intercellular fluid surrounding the skin cells, travel to the internal organs and the lymphatic system. This is how essential oils stimulate the body’s own natural defense systems.

Use essential oils to relax after a long day or use them to refresh and recharge so you can do the important things in your life.  Some oils are uplifting and energizing; others are calming and sedating.

Listen to Your Heart!   As we work with our emotions in choosing essential oils, our best guide is our intuition. Get to that peaceful place within where stillness exists.  It is in your sacred space where you connect with your higher self.

Listen to your thoughts.  That is your higher self talking!  It helps you make decisions and choices.  With a clear intention, feel the energy, hear your thoughts, trust, and be confident you will choose the essential oils you need for your well being.     

Selected essential oils for emotional healing and love

Cedarwood – encourages the strength we need to continue on our pathway, and urges us to hold fast to our dreams, helping bring our hopes to reality. It encourages the spirit to have focus, concentration, balance, persistence, confidence. It has a warm woody scent.    

Clary Sage – teaches us to be satisfied with our achievements, and brings the realization that most problems exist in our imagination, and understand they will be resolved eventuality.  It encourages calmness, confidence, grounding, tranquility, balance, and restoration. It has a sweet piercing, nutty, floral-like scent.

Cypress – has frequencies that are in transition between the physical and the spiritual, and brings comfort to the heart. It encourages comfort, change, assertiveness, understanding, balance, stillness, confidence, inner peace, stability, patience.  It has a warm, spicy, sweet balsamic scent

Grapefruit – encourages joy, positivity, confidence, alertness, generosity, spontaneity, and cooperation.  Its purpose is to awaken the mind, and allow us to connect with our inner spirit. It has a warm sweet fresh citrus aroma.

Frankincense – adapts and supports a wide range of circumstances.  It promotes deep breathing, elevating, spiritual, meditative thoughts and inspiration. It helps emotional stability, protection, courage, and acceptance. This gum is distilled into a clear oil with a distinctive woody, spicy aroma.

Lavender – is an universal oil.  It is caring, cherishing, and nurturing. It encourages security, gentleness, compassion, reconciliation, vitality, clarity, comfort, acceptance, awareness and emotional balance.  It is flowery, herbal, with a balsamic, woody undertone.

Lemon – clarifies everything through uplifting and focus, so we can become centered to experience precious thoughts.   Its fragrance enables our meditations to be deeper and our prayers to take flight, encourages clarity, direction, awareness, concentration and liveliness.  It has a citrus scent.

Myrrh-releases fears, difficult or painful experiences.  It allows us to be more accepting, trusting, and non –judgmental of ourselves.  Myrrh opens the heart chakra and is uplifting to the mind. It relieves stress and helps the body relax. Place it on the heart to embrace relationships with self and others.  It has a warm, woody, uplifting aroma.

Nerolina – an Australian Oil, with antibacterial and antifungal properties lifts the spirit while it regenerates cells. It harmonizes several oils in a blend.  It has a slightly woody green aroma

Orange– has the adaptability to pick us up when we need a lift or calm us down when we are over anxious.  It conquers fears of letting go, and obsessions.   It encourages joy, uplifting, creativity, positively, and self confidence.  It has a fresh sweet citrus scent.

Roman Chamomile –encourages stillness, calmness, softness, gentleness, spiritual awareness, relaxation, emotional stability, inner peace understanding, and cooperation  It helps calm mind and body and soothes the digestive system.  Often used in a blend with Lavender or Geranium, Clary Sage or Lemon. It has a warm, fruity, herbal scent

Rose Absolute– vibrates with the energy of universal love, operating in the light of unconditional love and giving. Rose encourages contentment devotion inner vision, happiness, innerfreedom, acceptance completeness patience love and purity.  It has a flowery rosy fresh scent.

Rose Geranium – resonates with Mother Earth.  It offers comfort, opening our hearts and memories, and healing pain.   It encourages regeneration, balance, assurance, and tranquility.

 Rosemary – helps us to do what we need to, on our spiritual pathway, and to assist others along their way if we are asked to do so. It encourages uplifting, clarity, stability, concentration, purification and awareness.  It has a woody, herbaceous aroma.

Ylang Ylang – shields and guides the passion of love and true emotion.  It may soften the hard-hearted and those who are judgmental to feel only goodness. It encourages uplifting self–confidence, awakening, calmness, joy and enthusiasm.  It’s scent is a beautiful intense sweet floral, soft, balsamic, somewhat spicy, creamy and rich.

Nurture yourself with essential oils daily.  Learn their gifts of love, power and effectiveness.  Each essential oil has its own unique frequency and purpose.  A blend is always synergistic to address more than one aspect of a condition.

Healthy Girls Breast Oil is created with clear Jojoba oil infused with 8 therapeutic essential oils: Lemon, Orange, Lavender, Geranium, Frankincense, Nerolina, Marjoram and Rose.  As you apply Healthy Girls with a loving lymphatic self breast massage, you raise your vibrational frequency, help balance, detoxify, and stimulate your entire immune system.

3 immediate benefits you receive from using quality essential oils regularly:

  1. Your immune system becomes more efficient, your body will release less cortisol (damaging stress hormone), and you’ll breathe regularly to get more oxygen rich blood.
  2. You can alter negative thoughts and raise them to a higher frequency
  3. Clearing all that mental stuff and becoming grounded in the moment helps to make better decisions.

When we become aware and conscious of change in our body we will appreciate the gifts of love.  We will become empowered to create infinite possibilities for healing our physical body, our emotional mind, and our spiritual being.  Find these oils and more right here: