This story was told me by a young mother who knew the power of awareness and distraction.  It’s true when we focus our attention and intention on healing ourselves, amazing changes can occur.  Education about  self care, including quality nutrition, eliminating everyday stress, and learning the important function of the lymphatic system, will easily improve your immune system and ward off serious consequences.

Is your doctor responsible for your breast health?  What does he know about you anyway?   Don’t you know your body better than he does?  I believe your body gives you signals and messages if you listen and are aware of what is happening.  I believe breast health is literally in your hands.   You can begin anytime to be aware of what your breasts are telling you.  Do they like that underwire bra?   Many women tell me they really do not like the way it feels.  Heck no.  They say they had no idea the under wires cut off circulation of their lymphatic system and can be harmful to their heart as well. (Clinical studies in my October and November newsletter)

What can you do you ask?   Learn all you can about holistic breast health and focus on a loving lymphatic self breast massage to nurture and protect your breast health.  When we learn to take responsible care and begin to love our body, we can make huge improvements in our individual wellness.

When we focus on a hurt or sadness we only get more hurt or sadness.  Is it possible that  we could easily change hurt feelings to an awareness of what happened and perhaps why it happened, and then get to the thought of loving ourselves and placing our hands on our heart and know there is healing inside?

One of the best ways to achieve this peace within is with EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping solution that works on deep underlying emotional patterns.  We get to bring the emotion to the forefront, consider what happened, why it happened, and what we can do about it.  It is amazing how we can release emotions by ourselves or with a facilitator with a few rounds of EFT.

What if we can change patterns of fear, doubt, rejection, feeling stuck, and many other emotional patterns,  learn awareness, and then to a new possibility of healing with our loving hands?   Is it worth experimenting?   How can it get any better than this?  We all have healing in our hands, love and trust in our hearts!  Open up to wellness!