“Imagine you have healing power in your hands because you do!” Dr. Christiane Northrup, in her book, Women’s Body’s Women’s Wisdom, refers to the lymphatic self breast massage which every woman can do for herself. It stimulates the immune system and improves lymphatic circulation for breast health and prevention of disease.

The vast network of the lymphatic system is made up of tiny vessels, nodes and spleen. It has 3 times more fluid than the circularity system but there is no pump like the heart. Tiny lymph vessels pick up the vascular fluid, waste, and all of the live infection. This is where movement is necessary to move it into the filtering n
odes and spleen and help it return to the blood. The spleen is like a big lymph node with the exception that it filters blood and eliminates worn out red blood cells. It is designed to bring lymphocytes in contact with the blood and ward off infections.

The lymphatic system is a one-way system in the body that runs from head to heart, hands to heart and feet to heart. Dr. Northrup says, “Visualize your hands transferring love and care to your breasts.” Simply focus on creating gentle movement of stretching and releasing, a pumping action, to move the lymph is just one technique for a self breast massage:

  1. Start wLymphatic System Breast Massageith the lymph in your neck and gently stroke down to the collar bone.
  2. Feel the hollow spot above the collar bone and gently use a pulsing action just above the collar bone until you can sense lymph movement. This opens the lymph passage before it empties into the circularity system.
  3. Lovingly massage healthy breast essential oil blend to your entire breast.
  4. Start under your arm and gently stretch/massage the skin all the way up into the armpit. You may find tenderness. Gently use a pumping action 6-10 times until the tenderness subsides.
  5. With one hand support your breast as you gently move it towards the armpit with a stretch/release action 6-10 times.
  6. Move your breast toward the center with a stretch/release action 6-10 times.
  7. Focus a flat palm on the top of your breast and gently massage upward toward the neck with a stretch/release pumping action 6-10 times.
  8. Stroke gently away from the nipple across and around the entire breast.
  9. Press the nipple a few times as if you were beeping a horn. Repeat with the other breast. Love and laugh with this fun technique while you move the lymph for breast health.

Breast tissue varies and is affected by your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, nutrition and aging. Breasts tend to become perky with a daily lymphatic self massage. You have healing power in your hands.  When you do the lymphatic self massage, love your girls, and become aware of any changes you are on a path to your best breast health.

Read more about your lymphatic system and watch a my video of the lymphatic self breast massage Here