Holistic Approach with Quality Essential Oils

Using the holistic approach with essential oils  is simple when you understand what they are and how  they work Essential oils are very complex and contain many trace compounds.   It is the combination of all its ingredients that make an essential oil what it is. Extracting one component generally will not work effectively without the other trace elements to provide balance.  Also the better the quality of the essential oil, the more effective it will be in treatment.  This is often called the “holistic” approach.  

All essential oils are not equal.  They are classified by different standards.   The lowest quality is in the perfume and food industry. These oils are often synthetic adulterated, or extended. They may smell good but do not have therapeutic quality.  

The highest quality essential oils meet the highest standards of medical aromatherapy.  They are pure and true plant essences coming from one plant species.  They are harvested, extracted, or distilled at the optimal harvesting times and temperatures.  The only way to determine quality is to perform a laboratory analysis using gas chromatography and mass spectrometer generally at an independent laboratory.  The finest companies will have this information available to assure the best and purest essential oils. They are not adulterated or altered in any way.

What makes therapeutic essential oils so effective in treating common  colds, coughs, congestion and flu?   Chemistry is one of the keys that unlock the mysteries why they work so well. For example, ketones found in Peppermint break down mucus.  An oxide in Eucalyptus is useful as an expectorant. Esters in Lavender are anti-fungal.  Phenols in Thyme are strongly anti-fungal. Terpenes in Lemon are known to be anti-viral.  When essential oils are combined in a blend, they work synergistically giving the magic that helps to open, cleanse, and release, which brings balance and peace to our body and mind.

Essential oils are probiotic or “for life” as opposed to antibiotics which are “against” life.  Some, such as Lemongrass, contain anti-viral properties, where they alter the pH and the electrical resistance of the cells and make them unfavorable to the viral organism.  Essential oils increase  blood supply, provide regeneration, increase oxygen and lymphatic flow.

According to Malie Online, quality essential oils are effective in cosmetics and beauty treatments as anti-aging agents. Their properties work to stimulate skin cells into reproducing at a faster rate, and by protecting the body against free radicals, believed by many scientists to be the greatest cause of aging.  Cells that have been treated with essential oils become strong, healthy and more balanced in appearance. Improved circulation and oxygenation increases the rate at which nutrients are fed to the cells.

Skin is the most noticeable and most diverse organ we have.  We are often judged by our appearance and condition of our skin or hair.  Essential oils penetrate the layers of skin down to the dermal layer where new cells are formed.

Essential oils affect our emotional and mental state positively. This can alleviate stress-related skin problems. They stimulate and regulate the production of healthy skin cells quickly following burns, sun damage, or healing of wounds.   Essential oils soothe sensitive, delicate, and inflamed skin.  They balance overactive and under active skin by regulating sebaceous secretions.

Essential oils reduce bacterial and fungal infections, and related skin problems.   They promote the release and removal of metabolic wastes through the circulatory, lymphatic, urinary, and skin body systems.  They contain plant extracts that help balance and alleviate hormonal related skin problems.

Holistic benefits of using quality essential oils in your personal care products are endless.   A deodorant can be made dry with cornstarch and baking soda or wet with witch hazel, glycerin or an oil base, with essential oils added for a touch of aroma.   An effective blend for a deodorant, used neat or mildly diluted is one that will kill the odor causing bacteria.

Most underarm odor is due to bacteria that thieve in moist warm environments. Choose antibacterial essential oils that are safe for sensitive skin, under the arms, such as Lavender, Lime, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Patchouli.  These oils tend to be gentle, soothing, cleansing, and cooling.

My first choice for deodorant is Healthy Girls Breast Oil. You’ll get all the antibacterial, anti inflammatory benefits, plus the gentle, soothing and cleansing of all the beautiful oils.  If you want to have different scent and better protection, add a few drops of Lime, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint or any essential oils you like.  Experiment and see what works for you.  You get all the great benefits of Healthy Girls Breast Oil plus it can be your deodorant!

Essential oils will complement any type of therapy or healing, and boost our immune system to prevent disease.  Regular use of genuine essential oils will help to control stress, alleviate anxiety, tension, and decrease aches and pains.  They minimize the symptoms of illness and speed up recovery.  Explore and experiment with quality essential oils to learn and understand their power and effectiveness.  Use the holistic approach as you become  aware of their effectiveness to protect, balance, and improve your health and beauty.