Inner Strength for Changes

I bet when you think about your life so far, your will remember other times you were anxious, afraid, frustrated, or angry. Life is like that. We did make it through those other tough times. We know we will make it through this uncertainty and mess. We know things will not be as they were before.

Perhaps this is a change that was desperately needed in our human experience. When we feel any huge insecurity and uncertainty, we face challenges we did not know we could conquer. But we did and we do, repeatedly in this life we have chosen. Regardless of the many difficult challenges we encounter we emerge anyways into a higher vibration of understanding and love.

It is with a loving heart I encourage you to use your inner strength and external resources to support you as you persist through this difficult time and prepare you for the transformation that awaits. What are the possibilities that this is a dark ending of non-essential things and a bold bright beginning of what is to be for everyone’s highest good? Is it possible there is a higher power that has all the answers and is taking care of all the details for us? When you believe all things are possible and can see clearly and you may be able to help someone else who is struggling with a situation in their life.


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