Do you often hear your women friends say they don’t like the way their breasts look?  They may say my breasts are too small, too big, too flat, too painful, too saggy, too…In reality a natural breast is perfect the way it is!  Truly it is the shape and diversity of breasts that makes every woman unique and special in her appearance.

 Our thoughts and beliefs are heavily influenced throughout our childhood and by age ten our conditioning about health and disease is already in place. This conditioning is then shaped by what we think and say to ourselves.  A deadly and depressing pattern can remain in our thoughts and we live in fear.  What we think about, we bring to us!  Depressing thoughts can lower immunity, increase the likelihood of inflammation and cell abnormalities throughout the body, and may even block treatment.

All too often when a woman receives an abnormal mammogram report, (which is bound to happen sooner or later for women who get yearly mammograms) she is thrust into the belief that she must take some drastic measures in order to be a survivor.  It’s a non-validating, fear-based system.   Too many perfectly healthy women, because of abnormal or equivocal test results, find themselves living in fear of what might happen, instead of realizing that they have profound healing power within that can return them to natural state.

It’s time to release old patterns and thoughts and lovingly appreciate our bodies and our breasts and take care of them.   We can activate and evolve in our personal power, when we connect to our heart and inner soul.  To gain appreciation and self esteem, we must first feel and listen to our inner voice, and realize that we are not our bodies, we are more than our bodies.  We have a beautiful soul, waiting for us to be grateful for what we have and already are.

Learn techniques that calm anxiety and heal, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that will take us to balanced state where we love and nourish our bodies.  Learning and using this technique is a way we begin to evolve to a higher consciousness.

Consider adding thermography to our breast screening regimen. Thermography is a gentle, private, compassionate, FDA approved, radiation-free screening with very early detection of many health problems and is 100% safe.   It uses highly sophisticated infrared cameras to obtain colorful, heat-based photos.

Use a loving self breast massage with Healthy Girls Breast Oil  will help to:

Balance,  Detoxify,  Soften your breasts,  Stimulate the immune system, and Improve lymphatic circulation.  Visit  for more information and  watch the two videos on the story of Healthy Girls Breast Oil and the lymphatic self breast massage.

This will benefit anyone and ensure that lymphatic system remains clear and unimpeded, whether we have symptoms or not.  We can actively awaken our inner consciousness and healing energy.

We are souls who temporarily inhabit bodies.  Caring for our bodies is OUR responsibility, not the doctor or anyone else.  If we don’t care for our body where are we going to live?