Are you ready to start a New Year?  We hear so much right now about setting goals and resolutions for the New Year.  About 75 % of these commitments are forgotten after the first 3-4 weeks into the New Year.  To really change a habit requires a lifestyle change.

Three steps to help make that lifestyle change:

  1. Intention – Be clear of what you really want.
  2. Attention– Focus on what you want to happen and focus on it every day.
  3.  No Tension – Let go of the outcome.  Surrender to what happens along the way, such as interruptions, delays.  Do not focus on WHEN (the time it takes to accomplish)  Do not focus on HOW  (it will manifest as God sees fit).  When we surrender and let God, magic happens.  The sooner we learn to let go of the outcome, the happier we will be, and the happier we are, the sooner we will manifest what we want.  

Have you noticed some people who let go of things easily are happier, while others who hold onto things for dear life are frustrated and miserable trying to figure out how to get happy?  In order to open yourself to the magic that is waiting for you, it’s important to let go of the past and release anything that may be holding you back.   Everything we own carries an energy with it, so how can we improve that energy?

Make a lifestyle change with clearing out physical items using the three steps above and following theses suggestions for 9 days:

Each day for nine days in a row give or throw away 27 items…. just 27 items.

1. Notice what you are hanging onto.. Do you love it or are you afraid to let it go because you might    need it in ten years?

  1. Look at every piece of clothing in your closet and ask yourself if you want to carry it into the future with the new you. If not give it away or donate it.

3.Book shelves can be cleared of things that no longer speak to you. We are continuing to raise to a        higher vibration.  New books, videos and CD’s are waiting for room in your expanded life.

  1. Outdated food, vitamins and old medicines that remind you of an old illness, no longer serves your higher purpose. Give away your abundance of foods that you no longer need and throw away the outdated.
  2. Kitchen cupboards can be a place of unsightly clutter such as plastic boxes that held food from the grocery store. You deserve to have pretty cupboards with attractive dishes for everyday enjoyment. Get rid of appliances, dishes, storage containers, and pots and pans that you do not use because you have new ones that took their place.
  3. Clear the counter/work space as much as you can. Put appliances used infrequently inside cabinets
  4.  Clean and organize desk drawers and throw away the clutter or file it in it’s appropriate place. It will feel so good.

You can clear out the metal things that no longer serve you the same way.

After 9 days are over, take a final look around. Do you feel the change?  Do you like the way it feels?   Then decide if you are ready to do more?  The basement, the attic, other bedrooms and closets may be begging you to come and make room for the important things in your life.  Then notice what happens in your life and watch for miracles.

When you let go of physical things that carry old energy, you create space and freedom for new energies. You are likely to notice a greater ease in letting go of old ideas that no longer serve.  A small change can make a big difference in your sense of awareness and happiness.

Try it you’ll like it!