Messages from Dreams

Do you ever hear a message from a voice while you are sleeping?  It feels and sounds real like someone is speaking to you directly?   I remember a few messages that were very loud and direct.  “Where are you Going?”  This was quite a few years ago.  I remember answering that question on paper all morning long as I half listened to a speaker at a class for insurance.  I was not interested in the class and because of the words I heard that morning, I knew I didn’t want to continue with what I was doing.  The dream helped me write down a direction I wanted to go.

 Another time my dream was so very real.  Papers were blown off the table until the table was clear and I heard “Peaceful dancing, Resume.”  I was pushed up against the wall with a grid.   So I pondered on the meaning of that forceful dream.  I believed the clearing the table of a mess of papers was a way to tell me to get rid of the old stuff and emotions and resume a happy, joy filled life.  I enjoyed dancing and this message told me I was missing out and it would be for my greatest good to resume a peaceful life and dancing .

 I enjoy writing my dreams down just as I wake up.  I love to figure out what the message is from them.   They are interesting to read later, and remember what was going on in my life at that time.

 Dreams can be all mixed up, where people or babies become animals, a muddy road with deep grooves changes to a big lake.  Sometimes the road is narrow, and sometimes you, your car, or your keys are lost, or you are looking for a way out of a building, or feeling fenced in.  Then there are the fun dreams where you are very passionate, or flying over water, or riding a fast white horse, or a buffalo going through a fence.  Each person or thing in a dream relates to an aspect of my life. Hundreds of dreams help to give us hundreds of solutions and answers to situations we are experiencing.

 It is fun to read then over months later, to remember what was going on in our life when we wrote about the dream, and how we moved into a better place with the help of a dream.  Here is one I remember well:

“Riding a fast river… The water was high and moving fast.  There were rapids and I rode over them easily and safely, bumping on the rocks below me.  At first I did not look where  I was going , but then I did look and just trusted and hung on”  A couple of nights later I heard a message  “4 more days”    I knew that meant there would be a change.  Thanks to the dream, I knew it would happen easily and I was safe.  

 Certain essential oils may enhance the vividness of dreams.  They may be applied at the back of the neck, from the top of the shoulders to the base of the skull.   Cedar wood (calming nervous anxiety, spiritual), Frankincense ( emotional balance spiritual awareness and meditation), Ylang Ylang (balance male/female energies), Clary Sage (recall memory), Tangerine, Bergamot  (soothing calming to the endocrine system, relieving anxiety and stress)  A blend of any of these oils may help the dream state.  I recently created a few new blends, Divinely Feminine, (a roll on), Awaken Goddess Mist, and Angel Love (not on my website yet)