My first day of exploring was very exhilarating… I looked up at Cathedral Rock and thought I’d hike up about halfway. I took a drink of water so I thought I wouldn’t need another drink until I returned to the car. That was not what happened!

As I start up the Rock, I see a dead tree with arms up to the sky, like a yoga pose. I have a choice of two paths, can’t see the end of either path. I can go to the right and have a steep climb, or I can choose to stay on the same level path. I choose to go to the right. I must see and feel this awesome place.

Now that I am up here, I can see more clearly where I am going. Tears well up in my eyes and I cry with joy that I have come this far. It feels good to rest. After my rest, I feel different about continuing to climb. It feels like something or someone is beckoning me to keep going and go higher. Slowly I move forward on my climb up. Where will it take me? Perhaps someplace magical… What is around the next corner?

Everywhere I look, I seem to receive another message. I don’t see any obstacles. I look up to find a bird scolding or praising me… I’m not sure which, but he wanted to get a better look at me so he gets closer and closer until I can see his eyes. He definitely is giving me a message that he approves of what I’m doing. Then before I could take a picture he flies off with a mate.

As I continue to climb, I stop to look back to see where I was a few minutes ago. It looked out of reach a minute ago and now I’m up here.  It feels great that I’ve come this far. I find it is easier to climb up than to climb down. Just like my dreams had told me. I ask the angels and Theresa’s spirit to help me get down to the path again.

Sometimes there are big boulders in the stream of life. Since I cannot move this boulder I will walk around it. Maybe I will lean on it while I contemplate where I want to go next. I walk again on the path provided for me, sometimes in the rain, sometimes in the sun, sometimes in the cool summer breeze and sometimes in the cold dark shadows of night. All the time I trust that I am safe. I listen and follow the messages I am given.

There may be sadness, sickness, pain and hurt, but it is my path. I listen and know that I am doing the very best I can with God’s help. Many times I experience joyful occasions where smiles come easily, and I rejoice and hoot and holler and beat the drums loud!  There are more of these times of happiness now that I have found love and love has found me.

To get to that state of love is a path for all to take. Some choose to take the dirt road or the slower way, others will choose to take the highway and go at top speed.

As our physical body finds it isn’t capable of doing what we would like to do we realize we need to rest and find alternative ways and energy to enjoy every minute of each day.

We thank our supportive friends and family. Those who shared glad times and sad times, the bike rides in the country, the many camping trips with loved ones and so much more… Thanks for the many adventures since my visit to Sedona.

(Revised from a blog written in 2007)