As I enter the beginning of the wooded area just a few hundred feet from our front door, I can feel a difference.  It feels cool and calm as if all the animals and trees are welcoming me to their home.

I have learned to take my camera along because I never know what inspiring or encouraging creation appears or what imaginative thoughts come as I walk the various paths in our woods.

I always look for the deer.  I love to see them up close as I continue walking and they stare at me as I walk past.  They may even turn their head as I turn a bend in the path and keep going.   It gives me chills to realize they could be frightened and run with their white tails high in the air, but instead they want to share the peace and calmness with me. I tell them good morning quietly while I continue to walk. Sometimes they will come toward me in an effort to know me better.  Really, do deer   want to know me better?

I love to scan the trees to see what they are up to. Some have stories to tell and I listen.   It may be about my family with many branches and one root.  I find myself on one of the branches and contemplate my life similar to that tree.  I find my brothers and sisters on the different branches all with one root.

I may do a few sun salutations.  I love to call the directions as stand in the early morning sunlight.  This gives me a wonderful feeling of gratefulness and love.  I start with the direction (season) we are currently living in and continue around, South, West, North, and East, Earth, Above, Inside.  I use my own words of praise, gratitude and love.  This is a native custom that I learned and cherish.

As I end my walk in our woods, I pick a few raspberry leaves to make tea when I get to the house.  My walk in the woods helps bring focus to my life before I start my day at the computer or phone.  A walk in the woods is where I can let go of the business of life and too many thoughts.  It is a place to just BE.