Where does your mystic strength come from? Did you know it comes from your inner-self, your god-self your inner being? We all have it. We were all gifted with mystic strength which is confidence and trust. Some of us may not have learned to see and feel that beautiful gift yet.

We are awakened to the magic and mystery at our own pace.  Sometimes there are lessons we get to learn before we can see the beauty of our mystic strength. Lessons come in all shapes and sizes. Some are difficult and take a long time to learn. We often repeat mistakes until we find a better way.

It may not be easy for us to forgive our mistakes. We hold on to memories which may cause depression or physical conditions that do not allow us to move forward. Only when we truly forgive ourselves can we enjoy our path and realize our full potential and our mystic strength.

The Mystics were created and inspired by the angelic realm. They bring us balance, peace, confidence, understanding and joy. We use pure essential oils infused with crystal energy in a mist that is easy to apply daily. We already know pure essential oils can help change an emotional pattern that keeps recurring in our lives. It does this by raising our frequency so that we can understand and feel a higher level of consciousness where we are able to develop a different perspective. For example, we can change our thoughts from a feeling of fear to a feeling of love, a little at a time.

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