Love is the one thing that is more powerful than anything else when it comes to being healthy, happy, and vibrant. Look for ways where you can inject love into a situation. It is an antidote to all unhealthy situations. Take steps to act lovingly. Listen to your inner self. Find balance in giving and accepting love. We all know people who constantly give, draining their body and depleting their immune system with stressful situations.

Nurture your body with loving daily practices such as healthy eating, yoga stretches, exercise, and meditation. It is important to take time for things you love to do. That will bring more balance into your life with love, gratitude, and appreciation.

Take time to be alone and happy with your own company. Learn to be independent of others. Give yourself permission to do what you set your mind to do. If you can create it in your thoughts, you can create it in your actions and accomplishments. Let go of limited thinking that there is only one way to accomplish a task. There is always more than one way! Take what you already know and move forward with it. Listen and take any clues that suggest another way.

Dance like no one is watching. Do you feel others are watching you? Are you self-conscious about what others think about you? Don’t you think maybe they have enough of their own stuff to deal with? I hope you dance, laugh, and sing. Gift yourself to a new way of health and wellness. Never limit your challenges, instead challenge your limits.

Trust yourself and have an unyielding faith in what you do or have already accomplished. Go to a place of stillness—a sacred place where you can connect with your higher self. Your intuition is working all the time. For instance, you can rely on your intuition when choosing an essential oil for a physical or mental condition. Your innate self helps make decisions and choices. With a clear intention, feel the energy or hear the message.

Trust and be confident in your choice. You’ll benefit from honoring your emotions, trusting your intuition, and accepting the lessons you are given