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The combination of Healthy Girls Breast Oil and regular lymphatic self-breast massage is an important step in creating and maintaining healthy breasts. It’s a great product!
Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, DC, Founder of Breast Cancer and The 7 Essentials System #1 Best SellingAuthor – Heal Breast Cancer Naturally

A few months ago my body went into autoimmune craziness.  I had severe cellulites in my legs and against my better judgment I took the steroid the MD insisted I needed to take even though I was fairly sure I would have a reaction to it.  The next morning when I woke up I had a rash covering the entire rest of my body with the only exception being my breasts.  I am certain the reason there was no rash there was because I was using the Healthy Girls Breast Oil daily.
I love this product!!  I love the smell and the feel and the fact that it makes me move my lymph daily!  I am a Thermographer and am so happy to offer this product in my clinic.  Everyone using it loves it as much as I do and I’m getting back several reports of softer, healthier breasts.  Thank-you for making this amazing product!!
Bev DeChon, CCT
Invision Thermography, MN

I was introduced to Healthy Girls Breast Oil in 2008 when I first learned about and became a Clinical Thermography Technician. I started using Healthy Girls Breast Oil for myself and noticed a change in my breast tissue within a few days. The scent is pleasing and the pain and tenderness from my fibrocystic breast was very minimal and eventually was completely gone. Not long after trying it, I learned it was beneficial for the lymphatic system. Several of my clients use Healthy Girls Breast Oil for their breast /lymph health and have only positive feedback.  Not long after trying it, I learned it was beneficial for the lymphatic system. Several of my clients use Healthy Girls Breast Oil for their breast /lymph health and have only positive feedback.

Diane Bulman CCT11

While I used Healthy Girls Breast Oil to reverse some abnormal cells that showed up on my annual Thermogram, I decided if it worked on abnormal breast cells, why not try it on other abnormal cells? I had a growth removed ($650!). It wasn’t cancerous, only pre-cancerous or ‘suspicious’. I have 2 other growing just like it so I decided to try the Oil on those. What could it hurt? To my excitement, both of my growths have lost their rough, lumpy surface and the brown coloring is fading away to nothing after just 45 days. I’m delighted and thought you might want to hear about it!

Abby Appelt CNHP, CCT

The response from using the Healthy Girls Breast Oil has been amazing! It feels wonderful, love the smell, no greasy feeling and I know I’m giving a fabulous treatment to my breasts. When women come into my office they are immediately drawn to the “Healthy Girls” display. I teach them how to use Healthy Girls breast oil with a lymphatic massage and it is obvious that these are essential components in self care.

Sharon Blake CMT

We opened our first shipment of Healthy Girls Breast Oil a few weeks ago, amid much interest on the part of our staff.  Rachel, our lead massage therapist, immediately sprayed some on her arm and remarked, Oh, this smells WONDERFUL! ” She purchased a bottle to try for herself, so that she could recommend it to clients. Response has been excellent. The designer has chosen the ingredients wisely, both regarding aroma and health effect. We shall continue to stock this product as a healthful addition to our shelves!
Charles Reinert ND, PhD
Helping To Heal Clinic

I love your breast oil and just had my first thermogram. I am a psychotherapist and always welcome helpful info to pass onto my patients. I would truly appreciate whatever Lady Lymph educational materials you can send me.
Dennise Trager MSW, LCSW

For those looking to support their breast health specifically, this blend of essential oils is phenomenal. It’s the perfect addition to a lymphatic self-massage! It is very affordable and lasts at least 3 months when used daily. It’s an easy way to boost your breast health and a thoughtful gift for any woman you know who wants to have healthy breasts. It even smells nice!                     
Rebekah CCT, Thermography of Houston