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Breast Health Is in Your Hands, Tips for Breast Vitality and Sensuality

Author, Joyce Sobotta,

Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Reflexologist,

Founder of Healthy Girls® Breast Oil & Aromatherapy Nature’s Way LLC

May 1st , 2022  EAU CLAIRE

A bump in the Road, Theresa’s story, is the introduction to the book Breast Health Is in Your Hands, Tips for Breast Vitality and Sensuality. Joyce Sobotta, Certified Reflexologist and Certified Aromatherapist, is passionate about educating women concerning natural breast health. After her sister, Theresa, passed from metastasized breast cancer Joyce was asked by a thermographer if she could create a breast oil. Joyce is the founder and creator of Healthy Girls® Breast Oil and the Lady Lymph™ poster.

Joyce started teaching women about the lymphatic breast self-massage and the value of pure essential oils with classes, presentations, webinars, magazine articles, and shows. Today she has finished writing the book, which is a tribute to her sister, Theresa. She believes Theresa’s divine guidance brought people into her life exactly when she was ready to move to the next steps.

The book has nine chapters, including preserving healthy breasts, appreciating the lymphatic system, nutrition and digestion, the value of essential oils, understanding emotions, environment factors, integrated therapies, self-care and finding your sparkle.

The book has a foreword by Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, DC, Founder of Breast Cancer Conqueror, LLC, Co-founder of My Breast Friend.   She says,” Breast Health IS in Your Hands! According to an article source, there is no need to fear Breast Cancer if you take the time to understand what you can do to prevent it. Joyce has created a very well written “how-to nurture your breasts” manual.”


“Joyce Sobotta is a wealth of information on essential care for naturally healthy breasts and is deeply passionate about supporting women to live healthy, vibrant, empowered lives.”

– Kara Maria Ananda, Women’s Healing Arts Teacher

“Joyce’s ability to be guided from her heart and create a fabulous book to connect with women is extraordinary. Her exquisite Healthy Girls formula has empowered, inspired and supported hundreds of women.” Jody Hagedorn, Certified Reflexologist/Holistic Mentor

“This informative and uplifting book is the culmination of Joyce’s extensive research, diligent studies, and valuable personal experience.” LorRae Crubaugh, Healthcare Writer/Editor,

The book is available on Amazon

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