“When I first examined Joyce’s product, Healthy Girls Breast Oil, I was instantly attracted to it. The ingredients and the gentle scent were very calming to me. A perfect oil to help support and maintain your journey with breast cancer, I could sense that there was much more behind this product than just the oil. I could sense that she was very passionate about sharing this formula, but it was also obvious that Joyce was on a mission to make a difference in women’s lives.”

In her book, Joyce has outlined many foundational healthy breast habits, ranging from proper nutrition, minimizing one’s exposure to environmental and cosmetic toxins to the importance of detoxification. All of this information is backed by studies and research. Just like Joyce, essential oils have been an integral part of my health and healing for decades. Her book outlines the science behind the specific essential oils in the Healthy Girls Breast Oil and why each oil supports breast health.

When reading that section of the book, I could “sense” the care and thought that Joyce had as she was formulating the best possible formula for breast health. We all recognize that stress and emotions affect our health but who takes the time to really examine this aspect of their life? Joyce outlines some very clear, simple, and quick steps to shift our anxiety and emotional state. And since our negative beliefs and emotions are at the root of most “dis-eases,” emotional healing is critical to maintaining healthy breast tissue. I believe that the most important aspect of breast health is love. Love of life, love of self, love of our body, which includes our breasts.

When we learn to live mindfully as Joyce brings out many times in her book, we become aware of what we put IN our body and ON our body. Doing these things is an expression of love. Taking the time to nurture and massage our breasts reflects how we feel about ourselves. YOU deserve love and self-care! Breast Health IS in Your Hands! There is no need to fear Breast Cancer if you take time to understand what you can do to prevent it. Joyce has created a very well written “how-to nurture your breasts.”