The Serenity Prayer is for everyone to use, even though it has been adopted by AA and other organizations. It asks to grant serenity (calmness) to accept things we cannot change, (there will always be something we cannot change); courage to change things we can change (with love, passion, and research some things can be changed); and wisdom to know the difference (we all have that innate knowing, gut feeling, if we tap into it).

Gratitude is a feeling of joy and happiness that comes from appreciation. When we take time to feel gratitude and acceptance, we will notice a higher sense of well-being. We may feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even experience a stronger immune system.

Serenity and gratitude may also apply to how you manage your breast health. If you have a feeling that something is not right, check it out with a professional – such as a functional medicine practitioner or functional nutritionist. You may also wish to consider integrative therapies or get a clinical thermography scan. Get more than one opinion. There is always more than one way to handle a situation or condition.

Get educated, stay calm, serene, and check out all options. You do have time to make the right decision! Be grateful for all you have and will have.

Comment below what you will do to remain calm and serene.

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