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If you continue to have questions after searching on this website, blogs, articles and webinars contact Joyce for a consultation. Joyce is pleased to offer consultations for natural breast health. The consultation will include what you are most concerned about, such as:

What You Are Doing Right

The fact that you are even reading this shows that you take your health and well-being seriously. You already have the power of healing in your hands. Do you trust your inner knowing or gut feeling? Joyce will help you learn to tap into your innate abilities as she encourages you on the path you are taking.

What You Can Change

Discover how to activate your personal power, nurture and protect your breast health naturally, and reduce overall “body sludge.” Learn the nine essential steps Joyce recommends to help balance, detox, soften breasts, improve lymphatic circulation, and strengthen your immune system.

Lymphatic Self-Massage Instruction

Learn the techniques for giving your breasts a loving lymphatic massage. This will not only help your lymphatic system isolate and transport infection and debris out of your body, but it is also healing in many other ways. A daily self-massage may reduce breast pain, inflammation, lumps, cysts, and fibrocystic breast tissue, as well as relieve PMS breast symptoms.

Love and Care of Your Breasts

Breasts come in all sizes and shapes. It is good to realize that your breasts are perfect, just the way they are. You can learn to love them, by gently holding them and saying affirming words of gratitude that they are healthy and will continue to be healthy.

Lifestyle Tips

Sometimes a healthy lifestyle requires a few changes in diet, exercise, sleep, and pleasure activities. Learning what you can do to help heal physical or emotional wounds will free you to fully tap into your intrinsic energy sources.

Using Essential Oils

Support and boost your immune system with pure essential oils. Whether inhaled or applied topically, essential oils have the ability to transport oxygen and nutrients to your cells, thereby nourishing, detoxifying, increasing oxygen and blood circulation, and mobilizing the body’s own self-healing powers.

Nutrition Advice

What you put into your mouth tremendously affects your health. Learn to reduce your body’s toxic burden by eliminating simple sugars and carbohydrates.  Avoid processed food and eat organic whenever possible. Investigate food sensitivities that may affect digestion.  Detox with a colon cleanse supported with liver and kidney enzymes.  Look into probiotics to help maintain a healthy ratio of intestinal flora.    

Nurture and Protect

Joyce can offer simple tips you can apply to naturally enhance and safeguard your physical and emotional health.


Joyce has developed an expansive network of like-minded healthcare professionals. She is able to provide referrals to other holistic healers if they would be beneficial. 

If you continue to have questions after searching on this website, blogs, articles and webinars contact Joyce for a Private Health Consultation. 

Joyce Sobotta

Joyce Sobotta

Natural Breast Health Consultant

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