Raindrop Therapy

“Based on research gathered from the Lakota Nation who would travel north to breathe in the healing power of the Aurora Borealis, Gary Young developed a technique called Raindrop Therapy in 1989.”

Applying a series of nine therapeutic (antimicrobial) essential oils to the feet and spine with a special technique promotes healing and balance to the body and the immune system. The oils are highly concentrated and specially chosen to facilitate structural balance by releasing toxins, viruses, bacteria, and disease that lie dormant along the spine.

Benefits of Raindrop Therapy

● Reduces back pain ● Relieves emotional issues ● Relieves arthritis and fibromyalgia ● Boosts the immune system ● Promotes relaxation ● Increases energy ● Aids in detoxification

Joyce Sobotta

Joyce Sobotta

Natural Breast Health Consultant

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